1929 - 2000

Writing as: Laura Black, Ivor Drummond, Frank Parrish, Domini Taylor

Born in Scotland but raised in the Middle East where his father was stationed in the military, he was sent back to the U.K. to finish school. He later took a job at an advertising agency and it was there he got his inspiration for his first two books. At age 30 he married and turned to writing full-time but he elected to use various pseudonyms for different genres. According to Wikipedia, one of his aliases, Frank Parrish, caused a bit of commotion when it was won a prize for a first novel since it was actually the author's 20th.

Series Books
Laura Black
Other Glendraco (1977)
  Castle Raven aka Ravenburn (1978)
  Falls Of Gard (19786)
  Wild Cat (1979)
  Strathgallant (1981)
  Albany (1984)
Ivor Drummond
Jenny Norrington The Man With The Tiny Head (1969)
  The Priests Of The Abomination (1970)
  The Frog In The Moonflower (1972)
  The Jaws Of The Watchdog (1973)
  The Power Of The Bug (1974)
  The Tank Of Sacred Eels (1976)
  The Necklace Of Skulls (1977)
  The Stench Of Poppies (1978)
  The Diamonds Of Loreta (1980)
Other The Paper Boats (1963)
  The Desperate Criminals (1963)
Frank Parrish
Other Fire in the Barley [Dan Mallett] (1977)
  Sting of the Honeybee [Dan Mallett] (1978)
  Snare in the Dark [Dan Mallett] (1982)
  Bait on the Hook [Dan Mallett] (1983)
  Death in the Rain aka Face At The Window [Dan Mallett] (1984)
  Fly in the Cobweb [Dan Mallett] (1986)
  Caught in the Birdlime aka Bird In The Net [Dan Mallett] (1987)
  Voices from the Dark [Dan Mallett] (1993)
Domini Taylor
Other Mother Love (1983)
  Gemini (1985)
  Teacher’s Pet aka Suffer Little Children (1987)
  Praying Mantis (1989)
  Siege (1990)
  Not Fair (1992)
  The Eye Behind the Curtain (1993)
  The Tiffany Lamp (1994)