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Full Name: Fiona Mitchison, Victor Heuston, Erroll Jones
Series Name: The Hunters
Nationality: International
Organization: The Hunter Foundation
Occupation Agency

Creator: Paul Tabori
Time Span: 1967 - 1969


The Hunter Foundation is a private organization created by the wealthy Britisher, Hugh Hunter, and managed by Lawrence Kingsley. On the outside, it appears to be a private research institution, dedicated to, among other things, fighting illiteracy.

Inside the doors, however, the small organization is dedicated to "vengeance against those the law will not touch". Its territory is the world and its specialty is fighting the powers-that-be. With hundreds of helpers around the globe, not agents but still able to pass along information or simple assistance, the Hunters strive to make a difference.

The active agents for the Hunter Foundation consist of three young, highly skilled individuals. Each were approached by Kingsley because of their unique skills and their fervor.

Fiona Mitchison, 25, hails from Scotland and is the seventh child of a seventh child. Whether she truly is blessed, she certainly is capable, having trained herself to have a photographic memory and having been raised with six older brothers, she knows how to defend herself.

Erroll Jones, 28, is an African-American who comes from Chicago, the son of a well-off owner of an insurance company. Jones' skills reside in languages, a fantastic ability to learn any language with great ease, including computer languages.

Victor Heuston, 29ish, comes from Australia. The son of hard-working, blue-collar workers, he worked his way through high school and then to college and medical school. Rather than start practicing medicine, however, he choose to study indigenous peoples, which led him to the Foundation.

This small team call themselves the Hunters and they hunt out those who deserve it wherever they hide.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1967
Last Appearance:1969

1 The Doomsday Brain The Doomsday Brain
Written by Paul Tabori
Copyright: 1967

The Hunters had already decided the one called Master Brug deserved their attention but now his actions are determined to set the world at war unless they can stop him.

2 The Invisible Eye The Invisible Eye
Written by Paul Tabori
Copyright: 1967

How do you stop a team of assassins willing to sacrifice their own lives to get their targets? With the targets being the most prominent statesmen around the world, the Hunters have their work cut out for them.

3 The Torture Machine The Torture Machine
Written by Paul Tabori
Copyright: 1969

The target is a man named Gia who moved from the the chief executioner of Fidel to become a symbol of revolution. Now he has a machine of torture and a plan to use it to create anarchy throughout the world.


Let's see: three fairly young people. A white female, a black male, and a white male. Each from different walks of life but gathered together by a compassionate but rigidly disciplined leader to fight behind the scenes against injustice. Can you say Mod Squad?

Except you can't. I looked up the facts. The Mod Squad ran on ABC starting in September, 1968. Both books in the Hunters series were published in 1967. So while it is possible the creator(s) of the television show got their idea from this short series, it certainly wasn't the other way around.

These adventures are standard fare but the characters are enjoyable. Like cotton candy - fun while you have it, leaving fond memories when gone but little lasting effect.


My Grade: C


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