1908 - 1974

Writing as: Peter Stafford, Paul Tabori

Born in Hungary, Paul Tabori moved to England where he worked as a journalist, screenwriter, and translator for many years. In addition to his crime and espionage stories he wrote in the science fiction genre.

Series Books
Peter Stafford
Other The Man Who Loved to Blow Up Trains (1974)
Paul Tabori
The Hunters (1967) The Doomsday Brain (1967)
  The Invisible Eye (1967)
  The Torture Machine (1969)
Other Japanese Jeopardy (1043)
  Sneeze on a Monday (1941)
  They Came to London (1943)
  Private Gallery (1944)
  Bricks Upon Dust (1945)
  The Leaf of a Lime Tree aka He Never Came Back (1945)
  Curtains for the Cobra (1949)
  Heritage of Mercy (1949)
  Diana Meets Murder (1949)
  The Frontier (1950)
  Salvatore (1951)
  Perdita‚Äôs End (1952)
  Murder in Majorca (1961)
  Song of the Scorpions (1971)
  Lily Dale (1972)
  Hazard Island aka Desire Island (1973)
  The Pleasure House (1974)