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Full Name: Raymond Guinness
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nicholas Guild
Time Span: 1978 - 1981


Ray Guinness is an agent with the CIA.

Guinness had been an assassin working for MI-6 for many years until he had grown tired of the killing and wanted out. Getting out, though, was always dangerous because old enemies and your former friends all feared what you might do or say but for five years he was able to hide out in the northwest of America, married to a nice, plain, undemanding woman. Then someone killed her and he was pulled back to his old life. At first he was saddened at the loss. Then he was angry at attack. Then he decided that pulling him back in should be a mistake that someone paid as dearly for as his wife.

Though Guinness had been an agent for MI-6, he was an American born and raised. He grew up in Ohio and, though fairly poor, managed to get a scholarship to Ohio State. He wanted something more, something different, and reading through a list of schools decided that a time at the University of London was what he needed. This meant working a full time job while getting his degree but eventually he had what he thought was enough money to head to England. Things didn't go as he had expected. He got into their graduate program but without a work permit, he couldn't eat. That was when MI-6 came calling. An American student would make a great cover for a British assassin. They offered and he accepted. And stayed long after his schooling was done.

When he quit, he knew they might come after him and they did. Now that he was returning to his old profession, though, he realized he had no desire to return to England and the CIA had been there to help out so he offered his services to them. He is still tired of the killing and tired of the pressure and the anxiety living on the edge constantly presents. He is just very good at it.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1978
Last Appearance:1981

1 The Summer Soldier The Summer Soldier
Written by Nicholas Guild
Copyright: 1978

The death of his wife was deemed an accident by the authorities but Ray Guinness knew it was murder and a professional one. As he sought answers he was faced with another question, who was the Summer Soldier?

2 Old Acquaintance Old Acquaintance
Written by Nicholas Guild
Copyright: 1978

Ray Guinness' first wife had walked out on him, taking their daughter, when she learned what he did for a living. Now many years later, she comes to him needing that violent talent to protect their daughter.

3 The Favor The Favor
Written by Nicholas Guild
Copyright: 1981

A favor can be a dangerous thing to owe, especially when it called in many years later. Ray Guinness wasn't sure it could be repaid but the East German insisted and he was owed.


There really aren't that many series out there that have you hooked from the first five pages but this one did. I truly could not put it down until I had finished it. Luckily for me I had the next book in the series on the shelf to grab next. The third one took a while to find and by then the ardor was less - until I opened it.

I wish Mr. Guild had written more. I thankful he wrote what he did.

I am also thankful for the character of Ray Guinness. Such a melancholy man. He does things he wishes he didn't have to and he regrets the fact that he can do them so well. A fascinating character, written in an excellent manner.


My Grade: A-


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