1944 -

Writing as: Nicholas Guild

An American novelist, Nicholas Guild is best known for his historical novels, especially the two books about Tiglath Ashur, a prince from the ancient kingdom of Assyria. Educated at the University of California at Berkeley in 1972, Mr. Guild went on to become a professor of English literature in Connecticut.

Series Books
Ray Guinness The Summer Soldier (1978)
  Old Acquaintance (1978)
  The Favor (1981)
Other The Lost and Found Man (1975)
  The President’s Man (1982)
  Chain Reaction (1983)
  The Berlin Warning (1984)
  The Linz Tattoo (1985)
  The Assyrian [Tiglath Ashur} (1987)
  The Blood Star [Tiglath Ashur} (1989)
  Angel (1995)
  The Macedonian (2011)
  The Moonlight (2012)