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Full Name: Emma Greaves
Nationality: British
Organization: The Department
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lionel Black
Time Span: 1965 - 1968


Emma Greaves is a spy for the British Secret Service.

As the series starts, she is in her mid 20s and is fairly new to Intelligence work. After her training and possibly an assignment or two assisting, she is on her first solo mission, something hard to believe considering how cool and collected she behaves. Her boss at the department is known to her as the Colonel. There is no mention as to how she came to join the Service or what her background before then was but her behaviour definitely reveals an eagerness for adventure and, even when things get dicey and her life is in peril, a love of the excitement and the danger.

Greaves is described as a lithe, athletic woman, very good looking and appealing, with thick black hair normally cut in a bob. She has an infectious light laugh and uses it often. She generally wears glasses. When someone commented to her the old adage that guys do not make passes at girls who wear glasses, she pertly replied, "oh, yes, they do!"

As the three adventures unfold it becomes clear quickly that Greaves is a remarkably self-sufficient person and agent, feeling trepidation when it is appropriate but not letting it control her, as befits a trained agent. Her tasks in these missions are different enough to show many sides of her independence. In the first she is in South Africa following a letter and minding an engineer who is always in trouble. In the second she purposefully becomes a murder target to ferret out enemy agents who have already killed one woman. And in the third she is in another foreign country hunting down conspirators in a global plot.

Not bad for a young woman all on her own.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1968

1 Chance To Die Chance To Die
Written by Lionel Black
Copyright: 1965

A man sitting next to Bernard on a plane to South Africa dies, asking him to post a letter. In the hotel later, Bernard finds a letter slipped into his coat. Bernard finds himself pursued and the lovely stranger Emma comes to his aid only to get into trouble herself.

2 The Bait The Bait
Written by Lionel Black
Copyright: 1966

The enemy spy had managed to infiltrate the Defense Department to pilfer secrets. A female agent was put on his trail but she ended up murdered, made to look the work of a serial killer. Emma Greaves is sent to take up the dead girl's mission, the first step being to make herself a willing target.

3 The Lady Is A Spy The Lady Is A Spy
aka Two Ladies In Verona
Written by Lionel Black
Copyright: 1968

Emma Greaves was on vacation when a mission came up that had her divert to Verona to meet with a man. The man had facts concerning a plot to start another major war but he is murdered before he can pass along the info. Now she must find out who killed him and what information did he have.


Greaves is the kind of person you want at your back. Confident, intelligent, prudent, and capable, not to mention young and very pretty and not above some flirting when the mood hits her. The series is well written and flows swiftly and evenly, presenting excellent adventures worth the time taken.

Mr. Black was more commonly known for mysteries and there is considerable amounts of that genre in these books but you never lose sight of the fact that the culprit being sought is an enemy agent, not just a criminal.


My Grade: B+


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