1910 - 1980

Writing as: Lionel Black, Anthony Matthews

Mr. Barker, aka Lionel Black, was born and raised in London. He attended Oxford from where he received a bachelor's degree with honors. He became a journalist and worked in that profession for many years. During WWII he served in the RAF. Even more than his Emma Greaves tales, his books about Superintendent Francis Foy made him very popular.

Series Books
Lionel Black
Emma Greaves Chance To Die (1965)
  The Bait (1966)
  The Lady Is A Spy (1968)
Other A Provincial Crime (1960)
  Outbreak (1968)
  Breakaway aka Flood [Supt. Foy] (1970)
  Ransom for a Nude [Supt. Foy] (1972)
  The Life and Death of Peter Wade [Supt. Foy] (1973)
  Death by Hoax [Kate Theobald] (1974)
  Arafat is Next (1975)
  A Healthy Way to Die [Kate Theobald] (1976)
  The Foursome [Bill Comfort] (1978)
  The Penny Murders [Kate Theobald] (1979)
  The Eve of the Wedding [Kate Theobald,Bill Comfort] (1980)
  The Rumanian Circle [Kate Theobald] (1981)
Anthony Matthews
Other Swinging Murder (1969)
  Death Has Green Fingers [Kate Theobald,Bill Comfort] (1971)