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Full Name: Davina Graham
Nationality: British
Organization: British Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Evelyn Anthony
Time Span: 1980 - 1983


Davina Graham is an agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

Despite being female in a male-dominated organization, her position is one of good standing. Having served for five years at the start of the series, she has earned the grudging respect of most of her peers, though respect for one or more of her seniors proves difficult for Graham to keep. Possessing neither great beauty nor physical agility, she nevertheless can enchant when needed and fight if necessary. Usually, however, it is her brain that controls the action for she learns to be a shrewd, intelligent agent. Even when her heart begins to pull her in a dangerous direction, she keeps her focus and doesn't lose sight of who she is and what she is expected to do.

The daughter of a respected retired Naval officer who was a friend of the head of the SIS, she was approaced by that leader to join his agency. At first she was not interested but then she changed her mind though she insisted it be at a low level, allowing her to work her way up slowly and on her own merit. As time goes along, she loves and loses and learns to live again.

As the series progresses, her career takes a huge hit and she all but leaves the field completely. Slowly she and her career recover, eventually picking up steam enough to land her the position of head of the Intelligence agency. Even as she is learning to run the large spy bureau, she still has to deal with family, friends, and the chance to re-find love, not an easy chore when secrecy is the law and deception your biggest weapon.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1980
Last Appearance:1983

1 The Defector The Defector
aka Betrayal
Written by Evelyn Anthony
Copyright: 1980

Sent to interrogate and break down a Soviet defector, Davina Graham finds that instead both their defenses are down and they fall in love. Now they are pawns in a game between the heads of SIS and the KGB.

2 The Avenue Of The Dead The Avenue Of The Dead
aka The Plumed Serpent
Written by Evelyn Anthony
Copyright: 1981

Terrible allegations against a woman about her high-ranking husband has put the American administration at jeopardy. Was he a mole for the Soviets or was she out to hurt him in a divorce. Davina Graham is forced out of retirement to help find out.

3 Albatross Albatross
Written by Evelyn Anthony
Copyright: 1982

To help find the mole that hides inside the Service, Davina Graham must deal with the traitor who cost her lover his life and got her arrested in Moscow. But personal feelings must be put aside as she uses one traitor to catch another.

4 The Company Of Saints The Company Of Saints
aka Mind Games
Written by Evelyn Anthony
Copyright: 1983

The first assassination was in Venice. It got everyone's attention. The next was in Paris and a pattern seemed to be forming. As the new head of the SIS, Davina Graham must predict where the killer will strike next and catch him at it. Her job is on the line.


It is so nice to read a series about a female spy written by a female and acting like a female. No femme fatale. No Mata Hari. A solid agent doing a good job. While Ms. Anthony is by no means alone in doing so, most of the others came a decade or two later.

The quality of writing is high and the atmosphere is well presented. I liked Graham and I liked the way Ms. Anthony wrote her. It is clear that Ms. Anthony was first and foremost a romance writer who slid into the espionage field, there is very little bodice-ripping and lots of underhanded skullduggery and subterfuge. But since "all's fair in love and war" it makes sense that a writer who is good with one could be good with the other. While I can only assume Ms. Anthony is good with romance, I know from reading her that she is great with the suspense.


My Grade: B


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