1928 - 2018

Writing as: Evelyn Anthony

Ms. Ward-Thomas took the last name of her pseudonym from St. Anthony, wanting a masculine sounding name to have a better chance of getting published. Her first novels were historical romances, some with a taste of espionage in them. After a while, she switched to modern day thrillers where she showed exceptional talent. In addition to her many books, Ms Ward-Thomas found time to have six children and fourteen grandchildren.

Series Books
Davina Graham The Defector (1980)
  The Avenue Of The Dead (1981)
  Albatross (1982)
  The Company Of Saints (1983)
Other Rebel Princess (1953)
  Curse Not The King (1954)
  Far Flies The Eagle (1955)
  Anne Boleyn (1957)
  Victoria and Albert (1958)
  The French Bride (1964)
  The Heiress (1964)
  Valentina (1966)
  The Rendezvous (1967)
  The Legend (1969)
  The Assassin (1970)
  The Tamarind Seed (1971)
  The Poellenberg Inheritance (1972)
  The Occupying Power aka Stranger at the Gates (1973)
  The Malaspiga Exit (1974)
  The Persian Ransom (1975)
  The Silver Falcon (1977)
  The Return (1978)
  The Grave of Truth (1979)
  Voices in the Wind (1985)
  No Enemy But Time (1987)
  The House of Vandekar (1988)
  The Scarlet Thread (1989)
  The Relic (1991)
  The Doll's House (1992)
  Exposure (1994)
  Bloodstones (1995)
  A Dubious Legacy (2002)
  Codeword Janus (2002)
  Sleeping with the Enemy (2003)
  Betrayal (2004)
  No Resistance (2004)
  Mind Games (2005)