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Full Name: Alan Craik
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Navy
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: Gordon Kent
Time Span: 1998 - 2009


Alan Craik is an officer with the U.S. Naval Intelligence.

He is a very serious minded, determined young Lieutenant at the start of this dynamite series. Also a pilot, he is eager to prove himself to his Navy, to his father, a decorated Navy Pilot still on active duty, and to himself. When his father's plane is shot down near Iran, Craik has an even greater goal - namely to prove that it was not a lucky shot or pilot error but a concerted effort to see his father dead. That is not, of course, the only emphasis of the series but it definitely was the genesis of it.

As the series progresses, Craik grows quickly in skill, reputation, and self-assuredness. Willing to take a stand on his opinions, he carefully threads the needle as he has to deal with others not in the know or not wanting to know. He rises in rank and authority. He becomes someone that others come to for help and advise. And he becomes a man who is not afraid to leave the comfort of a base or aircraft carrier to find out the truth of an assignment.

This series is truly half Naval adventure and half spy drama. It is able to do justice to both sides admirably. Or is that admiralably?

Gordon Kent is really a pairing of two authors, a father-and-son team consisting on Kenneth M. Cameron (the father) and Christian G. Cameron (the son). Both speak from considerable experience as both were Naval officers and both were fighter pilots. The son was in longer and had more experience but the father had the more overall experience in life so the two complemented each other.


Number of Books:8
First Appearance:1998
Last Appearance:2009

1 Rules Of Engagement Rules Of Engagement
aka Night Trap
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 1998

When he watched his father's aircraft get shot down by Iranians over the Persian Gulf, Alan Craik wanted someone to pay. When he learned there was a traitor behind the attack, he was determined to get it himself.

2 Peacemaker Peacemaker
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2001

Alan Craik's best friend, CIA agent O'Neill, is kidnapped in Central Africa. Before he can take a new position in the Peacemaker project, he must find and rescue his friend.

3 Top Hook Top Hook
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2002

An old enemy has returned with a need to find a scapegoat to hide his own actions and a hatred for the Craiks. Framing the wife for treason in the Peacemaker fiasco is the first step to also destroying the husband.

4 Hostile Contact Hostile Contact
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2003

Even as he tries to help track down an unidentified submarine that is trailing American subs, Alan Craik must deal with the repercussions of his exposing a CIA mole. There are many who want to get even.

5 Force Protection Force Protection
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2005

Stationed onboard a ship in the Indian Ocean, Alan Craik is sent to Mombasa, Kenya, to clear the way for the fleet's arrival. There he witnesses the destruction of an American supply ship and is caught in the chaotic aftermath.

6 Damage Control Damage Control
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2005

Alan Craik is convinced a radical group in the Indian government is behind a spate of seemingly unrelated tragedies around the sub-continent. When one of their nuclear facilities is taken over, Craik leads a team to free it.

7 The Spoils Of War The Spoils Of War
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2007

Alan Craik reluctantly agrees to help investigate the death of a former Navy employee in Tel Aviv. What should have been a simple matter turns deadly when both the Israeli's and Palestinian Authority decide to handle things their own way.

8 The Falconer's Tale The Falconer's Tale
Written by Gordon Kent
Copyright: 2009

To bring down a wealthy Saudi prince who is stealing from his friends to fund terrorists, the CIA want to use the Arab's love of falconry to get an agent inside. Craik feels there is something terribly wrong with the mission.


I swore I was back in uniform as I started this series. It almost had me getting my hair cut and shining my shoes. Almost. It also taught me why I loved the Navy so much and why I left it. Great adventure alongside terrific people vying against rigid discipline and by-the-book mentality. The father and son team who wrote this series under the penname of Gordon Kent nailed it perfectly. It is so obvious that they lived it for themselves. It is also obvious that their character, Craik, loves the action but chafes under the rigidity.


My Grade: A


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