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Full Name: Neville Conyers
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jon Winters
Time Span: 1979 - 1985


Neville Conyers is an assassin for the British Secret Service.

Conyers is described as a "gentleman agent". He works for the British Secret Service, though each book has him assigned to a different section. He is an assassin and he is quite good at it.

While the hero of this series is listed as Conyers, there are really two protagonists, who happen to work at odds with eacy other. The main one, of course, is Conyers and the sections dealing with him are told from the first person. On the opposite side, though, is Anton Drakov, Director of the KGB's Dirty Tricks division, and a master at manipulation and his actions in both books, told from the third person, are every bit as important as Conyers.

Conyers is a character indeed. From the first paragraphs about his life, he takes on a unique, interesting, not altogether likeable roguishness. He starts out commenting on how he hates mornings but Her Majesty's government insists on his getting up. That sets the tone for his attitude towards authority and life in general. He does concede that mornings "wouldn't be so bad if they didn't come so early in the day." Little else is likely to get such a concession. The term gentleman used above really refers to his employment, not to his every day attitude. He can be churlish to his friends, imputant to his seniors, and chauvanistic to his lady friends. Through it all, though, he doesn't ever become rude enough to dislike - just enough to growl at.

Drakov, on the other hand, seldom varies. He is devious, conniving, manipulative and totally unmerciful when it comes to getting his mission done. Little else matters besides the mission, or so he acts. It could be, however, that it is the manipulation that is his biggest drive, not the results.

The two are not perfect matches as might be thought. They are not two sides of the same coin. Their differences, though, are what makes the conflicts so enjoyable.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1979
Last Appearance:1985

The third book is part of the Drakov trilogy but Neville Conyers is not a character in the book, just people who knew him and worked with him and he is mentioned a few times.

1 The Drakov Memoranda The Drakov Memoranda
Written by Jon Winters
Copyright: 1979

The plan behind the Memoranda submitted by Drakov of the KGB was both complicated and simple. The simple part was: the best way to pass bad info to Person A is to convince his friend, Person B, it is important. B steals it and proudly shares it with A.

2 The Catenary Exchange The Catenary Exchange
Written by Jon Winters
Copyright: 1983

Neville Conyers finds he needs the help of a Soviet colonel whose daughter he had assassinated to trap a mole, even as Drakov is the one pulling everyone's strings.

3 The Berlin Fugue The Berlin Fugue
Written by Jon Winters
Copyright: 1985

Joshua Davies is described as a jovial man, well-liked by his friends. He is also a cold-blooded killer for the British government and he is very good at his job. He will need to be because as he gets closer to a mole, the mole gets more determined to see him dead. (Conyers is only mentioned a few times.)
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If you don't like this two-book series, you probably don't like spy fiction. They have it all in very well-written style: action, suspense, killing, and beautiful women.

Drakov is a conniving as you would want in an antagonist and Conyers is an incredibly enjoyable protagonists. Watching one set up the pieces in the chess game only to see the other knock them down sometimes instead of moving them makes for a great read.

I do not know why the author only wrote two books. Maybe two was the most he wanted from Drakov but I could have taken several more from Conyers.


My Grade: A-


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