Writing as: Jon Winters

According to the bio on Amazon: "I was born in Worsley, near Manchester, England, the setting of the first of my five children’s books. I attended Sir William Borlase Grammar School near Marlow, and Godalming Grammar in Surrey, before enrolling at Manchester University. I received a BA in general studies (English and Ancient History). The following year, 1960-61, I enrolled at the University of London and received a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. After a year teaching in a public school, I emigrated to the United States. While teaching in Jefferson County, Kentucky and the University of Louisville, I gained an MA in English (1965) and a wife. I began teaching at Eastern Michigan University, enrolling at the university of Michigan, where, in due time, I received a PhD. in English language and literature. I had always been interested in the efforts countries went to in order to gain some advantage over their rivals. While at EMU, as it is always known, I wrote a trilogy of espionage novels under the pseudonym, Jon Winters. I didn't think people be thrilled to find a professor writing such works--in fact, the thought that a professor of English could write anything of general interest seemed to impress people. They were published by Avon Books. With all the changes in publishing, I decided to revise and expand the espionage novels, and they are now available through Amazon Books."

Series Books
Neville Conyers The Drakov Memoranda (1979)
  The Catenary Exchange (1983)
  The Berlin Fugue (1985)