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Full Name: Vance Garde
Series Name: Chameleon
Nationality: American
Organization: VIBES
Occupation CEO

Creator: Jerry LaPlante
Time Span: 1979 - 1979


Vance Garde is the founder and lead agent for VIBES, a private organization.

Garde's background is one of genius. His father was a highly successful businessman who made a fortune which he left partially to his son when he was murdered. Garde graduated with a PhD from MIT at the age of 19 and used his scientific training and his inheritance to create Garde Scientific Associates (GSA). GSA quickly became one of the world's leading research facilities, working in every field from 'medicine to meteorogy, space flight to subsea mining'.

Garde moved from an extremely rich and successful science-and-business focus to taking on those who would hurt the world when his half-sister, born after Garde had already left home, died of a drug overdose and Garde decided he had to take action.

Now in his mid to late thirties, Vince Garde created a highly secret division in his company which he and his associate called VIBES. While the acronymic name was chosen before the definition, it is said to now stand for Vindication against Injustice, Bureaucracy, and Ensconced Stupidity.

It is the purpose of Project VIBES to help Garde take on those who prey on those who cannot help themselves. That is to the character's credit. Unfortunately, Vince Garde uses Project VIBES to help appease his quick temper and his rush for judgment. He never needs to listen to others and woe to those who offer advice.

Part way through the series, it would seem that the author decided a powerful enemy was needed to combat a powerful hero and it created DELILAH, a feminist organization intent on talking over the world.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1979
Last Appearance:1979

1 The Wrath Of Garde The Wrath Of Garde
Written by Jerry LaPlante
Copyright: 1979

Reeling from the sudden death of his half-sister from a drug overdose, Garde burrows into the drug business and comes out with a vendetta against the drug lord behind her addiction, The Anaconda.
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2 In Garde We Trust In Garde We Trust
Written by Jerry LaPlante
Copyright: 1979

The religious cult leader Sol Luna has a plan to use low frequency radio waves to brainwash her victims into unleashing their most evil human behavior in a plot to take over the world.

3 Garde Save The World Garde Save The World
Written by Jerry LaPlante
Copyright: 1979

The group is called DELILAH and it is an international feminist organization made up of graduates from Columbia who wish to take control of the world and is using the theft of plutonium from the AEC to bring it off.


I regret deeply that there is not much good to say about this series. Vince Garde is an incredibly crass and volatile man who takes delight in 'getting even' no matter how slight the provocation. Certainly I would have hated to work for, with, or against Garde. The fact that the characters who do work for him all act as though he walked on water shows either I missed something or the author did.

The stories are juvenile. The action is forced. The characters are one-dimensional. The sex is puerile and consistently chauvanistic.

Other than that, it might be okay.


My Grade: D


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