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Full Name: Kelly Carvel
Nationality: American
Organization: Committee Of Ten
Occupation Agent

Creator: Norman Daniels
Time Span: 1970 - 1972


Kelly Carvel is an agent for the Committee Of Ten.

He had been a police captain in Los Angeles prior to the start of this series. He was very good and very respected. Then on a murder case, the judge threw out a conviction on appeal due to what Carvel considered an insane technicality and Carvel hit the roof. Angered by the system which treated the guilty better than the victims, he resigned. This left him in short order broke and very bitter. He knew he needed a job but bit the head off anyone who talked to him about one, not especially good during potential interviews.

It was then that he was approached by the Congressman, a particularly influential political leader, well-off and with even wealthier friends. The politician was one of a group that called itself the Committee of Ten. It was made up of people who were tired of seeing the system beaten when it shouldn't have been. Especially onerous to them were the culprits used money and influence to flaunt justice. The Committee felt that since they, too, had considerable money and great influence, they could make a difference. Quietly but, to them, justly.

They needed someone who could be their physical arm. Carvel was their candidate. He accepted.

The teaming made sense. The Committee needed someone to fight for them and Carvel was more than ready to fight. It takes a while for Carvel to get used to working outside the system but his frustration and his anger quickly takes him where he needs to go. Once he was underway, it became apparent that knowing how the system really works can help a great deal when you plan to work around it, not through it.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1972

1 The Rape Of A Town The Rape Of A Town
Written by Norman Daniels
Copyright: 1970

Kelly Carvel's first assignment is to take a job in the police department of a small town called Vineland. It doesn't take long before he gets the idea as to why - the number of mobsters arriving each day is impressive.
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2 One Angry Man One Angry Man
Written by Norman Daniels
Copyright: 1971

Awaiting his next assignment, Kelly Carvel is saddened to learn a new friend is a junkie. He is furious when she turns up dead from an overdose and he decides busting the man behind the drug trade in town is the best way to honor her loss. Then the drug dealer calls on the entire Mob for help and trouble really heats up.
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3 License To Kill License To Kill
Written by Norman Daniels
Copyright: 1972

The Committee sends Kelly Carvel to South America to free two diplomats kidnapped by a band of revolutionaries particularly noted for their violence. To help, Carvel is assigned a small group but it becomes apparent one is a traitor.
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I wondered after the first book whether this series belonged in this compendium. Yes, the character did work for a secret organization doling out justice, which certainly made it seem close to qualifying, but it was domestic and against criminals. The second book didn't do too much to convince me, although by then I was hooked on Carvel. The third book made it safe to keep him in the collection.

Mr. Daniels was definitely a journeyman writer. Gifted, hard working, never exactly brilliant but seldom disappointing. The three books in this series are like that. Good, solid adventures worth reading.


My Grade: C


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