1905 - 1995

Writing as: William Dale, Norman Daniels, Norma Dann, Daniella Dorsett, Harrison Judd, Kerry McRoberts, Mark Reed, Norman T. Vane, David Wade

According to Wikipedia: "Norman Arthur Danberg, better known as Norman A. Daniels and other pen names (1905 – 1995), was an American writer working in pulp magazines, radio, and television. He created the pulp hero the Black Bat and wrote for such series as The Phantom Detective and The Shadow."

This incredibly prolific author had so many pseudonyms, it is a wonder if he could remember them all.

I especially enjoy the question as to whether he was actually the highly praised gothic author Dorothy Daniels. Back as a teenager and a fan of Dark Shadows, I also read a ton of "her" books. Wikipedia mentions Norman Daniels was married to Dorothy Daniels and that she also became a writer so did he write under her name or did she produce her own work or both?

Series Books
William Dale
Other Outside the Law (1938)
  John Doe-Murderer aka Murder Has No Name (1946)
  Corpse, Hands Off! aka The Terror of the Handless Corpse (1955)
Norman Daniels
The Avengers The Magnetic Man (1968)
  Moon Express (1969)
Bruce Baron The Baron Of Hong Kong (1967)
  Baron's Mission To Peking (1968)
Kelly Carvel The Rape Of A Town (1970)
  One Angry Man (1971)
  License To Kill (1972)
John Keith Overkill (1964)
  The Hunt Club (1964)
  Spy Ghost (1965)
  Operation K (1965)
  Operation N (1966)
  Operation VC (1967)
  Operation T (1967)
  Operation SL (1971)
Jeff Shannon Last Train To Freedom (ss) (1943)
  The Eagle Omnibus (2013)
Don Winslow Salute to Death! (ss) (1937)
  The Dragon's Blood (ss) (1937)
  Perilous Sands (ss) (1937)
Other The Mausoleum Key (1942)
  Mistress on a Deathbed (1952)
  The Captive (1959)
  The Deadly Game (1959)
  Lady for Sale (1960)
  Lover, Let Me Live (1960)
  Some Die Running (1960)
  Spy Hunt (1960)
  Suddenly by Shotgun (1961)
  The Detectives (1962)
  Something Burning (1964)
  Arrest and Trial (1964)
  The Missing Witness (1964)
  The Secret War (1964)
  Murder under the Big Top (1965)
  A Killing in the Market (1967)
  The Kono Diamond (1969)
  Meet the Smiths (1971)
  Chase (1974)
Norma Dann
Other Shack Girl (1952)
Daniella Dorsett
Other The Dueling Oaks (1972)
Harrison Judd
Other Shadow of a Doubt (1961)
Kerry McRoberts
Jeff Shannon Storm Over The Americas (ss) (1939)
  Network of Hate (ss) (1940)
  The Master of Treachery (ss) (1940)
  The Stolen Gas Gun (ss) (1940)
  The Black Dragon (ss) (1940)
  Gold of the Gestapo (ss) (1940)
Mark Reed
Other Four Dames Named "Sin" (1951)
  Street of Dark Desires (1951)
  Lay Down and Die (1952)
  The Nude Stranger (1952)
  The Scarlet Bride (1952)
  Sins of the Flesh (1952)
  Tease the Wild Flame (1952)
  Vice Cop (1952)
  House of a Thousand Desires (1953)
  This Day Violence (1953)
  Sinners Wild (1960)
Norman T. Vane
Other The Exorcism of Angela Gray (1974)
David Wade
Other Come Night, Come Desire (1951)
  Bedroom with a View (1952)
  Only Human (1952)
  Raise the Devil (1952)
  She Walks by Night (1952)
  Sinister Street aka Walk the Evil Street (1952)