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Full Name: Israel Bond
Codename: Oy-Oy-7
Nationality: Israeli
Organization: Israeli Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sol Weinstein
Time Span: 1965 - 1968


Israel Bond is an agent for the Israeli Secret Service.

As Agent Oy-Oy-7, this man named Bond is not only licensed to kill, he is also permitted to hold a memorial service over the victim.

Such is the incredible irreverency that permeates every page of this highly addictive parody of another chap names Bond. Israel Bond lives a double life. On the surface is the fun-loving man-about-town party-going public relations man. Undercover, he is a licensed-to-kill agent for his country's Secret Service.

One of his clients in his overt work is Mother Margolies' Chicken Soup, on whose behalf he is traveling getting financial support for Israel (the country). This gives him a cover for travelling to the various places that the enemies of Israel (the country, again, well, both actually) may be striking. Topping the enemies list is the very dangerous Syrian Corps of Heroes for Murdering Unmercifully Killing Kikes, or SCHMUKK.

When he is not attending fund raisers or fighting enemy agents, Bond is usually having a libation or in the arms of a beautiful woman, or both. He has a great eye for the ladies and, with his glib speil and his handsome physique, he draws them to him from everywhere. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes the enemy camp which can prove embarrassing.

Sol Weinstein made his reputation writing very funny parodies of all sorts, leaving nothing unskewered, though always with humor, not malice, in mind. The tales of espionage and Jewish folklore that make up the Israel Bond series found their way into the pages of Playboy magazine during the mid-1960's, shortly after Ian Fleming's interview in that magazine and after his untimely death. Which may be why Weinstein thought he could get away with them!

Note: I heard from the publisher of Combustoica/About Comics who said the following:

"... we've brought the entire series back into print, including editions for the Kindle and Nook and iPad and such.. and the books have a new editorial polish by the original author! There's even an all-in-one-volume omnibus. You can see more info at"


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:1965
Last Appearance:1968

1 Loxfinger Loxfinger
Written by Sol Weinstein
Copyright: 1965

Bond is tasked with breaking through the mystery that surrounds the multimillionaire Lazarus Loxfinger even though that means surviving the amorous attentions of the lovely Nu Kee, Miss Viet Cong.
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2 Matzohball Matzohball
Written by Sol Weinstein
Copyright: 1966

Soviet Colonel Svetlova is assigned the highly difficult task of bringing down the infamous Israel Bond and restoring the good name of the KGB.
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3 On The Secret Service Of His Majesty, The Queen On The Secret Service Of His Majesty, The Queen
Written by Sol Weinstein
Copyright: 1966

Israel Bond is dispatched to the tiny arabic island of Sahd Sakistan to guard the monarch, where he finds himself at odds with the organization known as TUSH.
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4 You Only Live Until You Die You Only Live Until You Die
Written by Sol Weinstein
Copyright: 1968

Israel Bond's new nemesis, Dr. Ernst Holzknicht, is operating out of a secret Japanese location to bring back the Third Reich, or parts of it.
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You have to have a wry expression on your face as you read thes great fun adventures. Truly the author held nothing sacred in the life and times of the original or in the political times in which the stories take place, nor should he have.

The more you know the James Bond stories, the better the appreciation for the silliness of these books. I think I know Mr. Bond quite well so I really, really enjoyed them. No knowledge of Yiddish or Hebrew is required but the more you know of Jewish customs, the greater the appreciation you will have for the way that Mr. Weinstein lampoons both Gentiles and Jews with equal hilarity.


My Grade: B


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