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Full Name: David Longsdon Audley
Nationality: British
Organization: British Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Anthony Price
Time Span: 1970 - 1989


David Audley is an analyst for the British Secret Service.

He is one of those wonderful characters that is something different to a host of people. To most of his superiors he is a lucky guesser to be able to see past the evidence to get at the truth. To the people assigned to work for or with him, he is a devious schemer who tells people as little as possible. To those closest to him, he is a dedicated friend who can be counted on when the chips are down. And to his immediate superior, he is a genius.

As would be expected, he is all these things. Working as an analyst trying to sift the truth out of tons of incoming data, he has been able to come to the correct conclusion an impressive number of times. He doesn't like to tell too much to anyone, including those working with him, until he is fairly sure he is right. He usually is right, so his boss's conclusion is correct.

The adventures that Audley gets involved in are primarily counter-espionage ones trying to block the activities of those who come to England to learn what they shouldn't or do what they oughtn't.

The writing on this series is very good. It is also very British. The pacing is similar to a traditional British murder mystery with plenty of false leads to confuse the reader. There is often enough, though, brilliant insights given to make a befuddled reader grin and nod sagely as though finally I've gotten a hold of the situation.

As any good series should, this one has an interesting cadre of supporting characters. There is Audley's handsome young wife who goads him into some assignments he is loathe to take. Butler is an army officer attached to the Secret Service who often is assigned to Audley. Roskill is an air force pilot who is also seconded to the Service and must put his life on the line by Audley's orders. And Paul Mitchell is a researcher who reluctantly starts to help Audley as the series progresses. Each of these characters are almost as important to the series as Audley, making the series a lot more enjoyable than a one-man-show.


Number of Books:19
First Appearance:1970
Last Appearance:1989

1 The Labyrinth Makers The Labyrinth Makers
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1970

The discovery of a wrecked WWII plane in a British lake, now drained, would be of interest only to historians and enthusiasts except the plane was supposed to have been lost at sea and the Soviets are more interested that anyone else.
Note: This novel won the British Crime Writer's Association's Silver Dagger award.

2 The Alamut Ambush The Alamut Ambush
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1971

The death of a demolitions expert while trying to diffuse a bomb in the car of the new head of the Service's Middle East department is just the first casualty in what seems a resurgence of the ancient Persian cult of assassins.
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3 Colonel Butler's Wolf Colonel Butler's Wolf
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1972

When a Master at a prominent university warns that the Soviets are influencing the radical students too much, Audley is not convinced. When evidence comes that a deceased lecturer was really a Soviet mole, however, he gets Butler to investigate.
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4 October Men October Men
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1973

When Audley and his wife vanish one night and reappear in Italy later without word to anyone as to the reason, the Service begins to suspect defection. Audley, however, has his own reasons for his actions.
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5 Other Paths To Glory Other Paths To Glory
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1974

Audley had questions best answered by a young researcher but so did others who felt kidnapping him was the best course of action. The piece of a map from the latter days of WWI and concerned a battle many did not want discussed.
Note: This novel won the British Crime Writer's Association's Gold Dagger award.

6 Our Man In Camelot Our Man In Camelot
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1975

The U.S. Air Force pilot recently shot down had an interest in the King Arthur legend that seemed to coincide with a similar interest by the Russians. The CIA wants to know why and Dr. Audley is enticed into helping before he realizes he has been conned.
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7 War Game War Game
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1976

The murder of a participant in a reenactment of an English Civil War battle would hardly warrant the talents of Dr. Audley until it was learned that several of the entrants were deeply involved in the espionage game.
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8 The '44 Vintage The '44 Vintage
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1978

Long before Audley and Butler became members of the British Intelligence community, they had fought in the Second World War. This is an adventure they shared when both were transferred to a secret detachment and sent behind enemy lines.
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9 Tomorrow's Ghost Tomorrow's Ghost
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1979

Under the control of Audley, Colonel Butler is deeply involved in tracking down an assassin working for both the IRA and the KGB when a colleague is sent to investigate him and the death of the wife a decade before.
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10 The Hour Of The Donkey The Hour Of The Donkey
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1980

Returning again to the War Years, this adventure concerns the motives behind Hitler's allow the British to escape at Dunkirk and the part that Major Audley played in the entire affair.
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11 Soldier No More Soldier No More
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1981

Again a flashback to the past, this book concerns the actions in 1957 of a double agent who is ordered by the Soviets to recruit the British Intelligence agent David Audley but instead sees a chance to get himself out of a dangerous situation.
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12 The Old Vengeful The Old Vengeful
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1982

Paul Mitchell is directed to become friendly with the daughter of a deceased naval historian but is confused as she seems a rather plain thirty-ish school teacher. But even more puzzling is why the Soviets are so determinedly after her.

13 Gunner Kelly Gunner Kelly
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1983

As a key member of British Intelligence, Audley knows there is a lot more involved in the destruction of a small hamlet up for sale by a retired army general than just IRA terror, especially when the CIA and KGB start snooping around.
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14 Sion Crossing Sion Crossing
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1984

When the head of the New Atlantic Defence Committee gets involved in an old American Civil War matter, the CIA's presence is enough to convince Audley and his boss that there was something very strange afoot.
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15 Here Be Monsters Here Be Monsters
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1985

The murder of a former U.S. Army Ranger at the 40th anniversary of D-Day brings Audley up against the KGB as he tries to find out who wanted the soldier-turned-spy dead in such a visible way.

16 For The Good Of The State For The Good Of The State
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1986

A rival of Audley, wanting to knock him down several pegs, uses the struggle for power between two top men of the KGB to further his own career at the risk of ending that of Audley, if not Audley's own life.
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17 A New Kind Of War A New Kind Of War
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1987

Yet again the adventures of a younger David Audley are recounted, this time those of 1945 in the mountains of Greece as his actions seem destined to bring about the end of British-Greek cooperation against the Germans.
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18 A Prospect Of Vengeance A Prospect Of Vengeance
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1988

When a man, said to have died many years before, suddenly turns up freshly dead, two reporters start to investigate clues that lead to British Intelligence and the role that Audley had in the cover-up of the first 'death'.
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19 The Memory Trap The Memory Trap
Written by Anthony Price
Copyright: 1989

The solving of the murder of a defecting Soviet computer expert lies in matters that Audley and a former associate, now hiding in Italy, are thought to know. Audley, however, has no idea what is going on and must find the other man to unravel the truth.
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Number of Movies:3
First Appearance:1986
Last Appearance:1986

In Britain in 1983, a six-part series named Chessgame ran concerning David Audley and his team. It was adaptations of the first three Audley books, each book taking up two episodes. For the American market, each of these two-parters were combined into a made-for-tv movie.

1 Cold War Killers Cold War Killers
Director: William Brayne
Writers: Murray Smith, Anthony Price
Actors: Terence Stamp as David Audley, Robin Sachs as Hugh Roskill, Martin Dale as Hardwick, Peter Ivatts as Walton
Released: 1986

When an aircraft missing since the early 50s is discovered in a lake, both the British and the Soviets are very interested in it or its cargo. An adaptation of The Labyrinth Makers

2 Deadly Recruits Deadly Recruits
Director: Roger Tucker
Writers: Jason Brason, Anthony Price
Actors: Terence Stamp as David Audley, Carmen Du Sautoy as Faith Audley, Michael Culver as Nick Hannah, Robin Sachs as Hugh Roskill
Released: 1986

Some of the brightest students at Oxford have started disappearing. Audley feels something bad is underway and wants it investigated. An adaptation of Colonel Butler's Wolf.

3 The Alamut Ambush The Alamut Ambush
Director: Ken Grieve
Writers: Murray Smith, Anthony Price
Actors: Terence Stamp as David Audley, Michael Culver as Nick Hannah, Carmen Du Sautoy as Faith Steerforth, Robin Sachs as Hugh Roskill
Released: 1986

Twice someone has tried to kill Guy Llewellyn, a bigwig at the Foreign Office, and he is now demanding that Audley's people do something.


Number of Episodes:6
First Appearance:1983
Last Appearance:1983

Terence StampDavid Audley [ 1 ]
Carmen Du SautoyFaith Steerforth [ 1 ]
Michael CulverNick Hannah [ 1 ]
Robin SachsHugh Roskill [ 1 ]

A six-episode series about David Audley and his team was aired in Britain in the late months of 1983. Named Chessgame, it consisted of adaptations of three Audley books, each book being shown in two parts. It has since been released in a DVD set of all 6 episodes.

1 Flying Blind
Episode 1-01, first aired 11/23/1983
Director: William Brayne
Writer: Murray Smith
Guest Stars: Bernard Atha as Hotel Porter, Patrick Blackwell as Warren, Carolyn Colquhoun as Grace Appleby, Bill Croasdale as Vicar, Martin Dale as Hardwick

Audley and his team check out an aircraft that had lain at the bottom of a lake for 27 years.

2 Cold War Game
Episode 1-02, first aired 11/30/1983
Director: William Brayne
Writer: Murray Smith
Guest Stars: John Horsley as Sir Alec Russell, George Pravda as Igor Panin, Oscar Quitak as Theo Friesler

When it is discovered that Audley is interested in the wreckage of the plane, the Soviets get curious too.

3 Enter Hassan
Episode 1-03, first aired 12/07/1983
Director: Ken Grieve
Writer: Murray Smith
Guest Stars: Sarah Bullen as Lady Isobel Ryle, Rosalie Crutchley as Mary Jenkins, Oscar Quitak as Theo Friesler, John Rowe as Guy Llewellyn, Richard Wilson as Sir John Ryle

One of Audley's people is trying to put a listening device in a car of a Foreign Office official when the car explodes.

4 The Alamut Ambush
Episode 1-04, first aired 12/14/1983
Director: Ken Grieve
Writer: Murray Smith
Guest Stars: Bernard Alexander as Registrar, Rosalie Crutchley as Mary Jenkins, John Graham-Davies as Taff, John Horsley as Sir Alec Russell, Hossein Karimbeik as Mujid

The Foreign Office bigwig whose car had exploded is shot at while attending the dead agent's funeral.

5 The Roman Connection
Episode 1-05, first aired 12/21/1983
Director: Roger Tucker
Writer: Murray Smith
Guest Stars: Caroline Bliss as Polly Epton, Willoughby Gray as Sir Geoffrey Hobson, Seymour Green as Charles Epton, Richard Pearson as Handforth Jones

Audley is asked by a college professor to look into the disappearance of several promising students.

6 Digging Up The Future
Episode 1-06, first aired 12/28/1983
Director: Roger Tucker
Writer: Murray Smith
Guest Stars: Caroline Bliss as Polly Epton, Anthony Calf as Dan Maclachlan, Maggie Dransfield as Abigail West, Matyelok Gibbs as Jean Sherman, Seymour Green as Charles Epton

Audley is convinced that the Communists are behind the vanishing of two highly intelligent students.


If you love twists and odd turns in adventure books, which I certainly do, Anthony Price's works are something you should check out. Add to that the machinations of a very intelligent but also devious Intelligence expert and you have a dynamite series. It gets even better with supporting characters who alternate between respecting and liking the main character and not trusting him a whit.

Price's writing style is definitely old-style British and it tends to stretch things a bit much but this is a fun series and should be a must read for any espionage fan.


My Grade: A-


raven4 - 4/23/2013 6:48:34 AM

The hook from this series for me is someone from the present stumbling over a tripwire set in the past.WWII, the Civil War (both), the Napoleonic wars, and even the Trojan War have traps that explode in modern times

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