1928 -

Writing as: Anthony Price

Born in Hertfordshire in England, Anthony Price studied in Cantebury until he joined the British Army and served from '47-'49. He returned to university afterwards and earned a Masters. He took a job as a journalist for a newspaper and worked there most of his adult life (36 years), though he also worked as the editor of the Oxford Times for much of that.

Series Books
David Audley The Labyrinth Makers (1970)
  The Alamut Ambush (1971)
  Colonel Butler's Wolf (1972)
  October Men (1973)
  Other Paths To Glory (1974)
  Our Man In Camelot (1975)
  War Game (1976)
  The '44 Vintage (1978)
  Tomorrow's Ghost (1979)
  The Hour Of The Donkey (1980)
  Soldier No More (1981)
  The Old Vengeful (1982)
  Gunner Kelly (1983)
  Sion Crossing (1984)
  Here Be Monsters (1985)
  For The Good Of The State (1986)
  A New Kind Of War (1987)
  A Prospect Of Vengeance (1988)
  The Memory Trap (1989)
Other The Hour of the Donkey (1980)