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Full Name: Peter Ashton
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Clive Egleton
Time Span: 1993 - 2005


Peter Ashton is an agent with MI6.

Unlike most of the operatives of the British Intelligence community, Ashton did not come to them through the Oxbridge method, namely being from one of the two major universities. Instead, he attended a smaller institution where he became proficient in Russian and German.

This "small school" origin puts him at a major disadvantage with the old-boys-network because he isn't "really one of our kind".

After college he joined the Special Air Service, being wanted as an interpreter but the activity even in such a action-oriented group was limited and he grew bored enough to volunteer for service with the regular army in the Irish Troubles. A nine-month tour was survived but then there was no opening back in the SAS.

Leaving the service, Ashton spent a brief unsuccessful time as a civilian language teacher but he found the life even more stifling and boring. Then came the Falklands War and with it a chance for serious action. He returned to his previous life and his exploits behind enemy lines brought him to the notice of his superiors and at the end of the conflict an offer by the SIS for employment. Now he had a chance to use his experience, his language skills, and his desire for action to a good use.

As the series begins, Ashton is described as "a thirty-three year old middle-level desk officer of proven reliability." As the series progresses, Ashton's experience and his value to the Service grows steadily but one does not succeed in a literal cutthroat like his without making enemies both in the opposition and in one's own department and Ashton is no exception. There are more than one other agent who would love to see him fail. Luckily for Aston, failing is not a common occurrence.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:1993
Last Appearance:2005

1 Hostile Intent Hostile Intent
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1993

The end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the freedom of emerging Iron Curtain nations, all point to peace being the order of the spy business. But someone has blown up a British agent in Dresden and shot an American and a Russian agent in Berlin. On his first big assignment of his own, Ashton must find out who is unable to let go of the past.

2 A Killing In Moscow A Killing In Moscow
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1994

With the Russian mafia gaining more strength with each passing day, Ashton is dispatched to Moscow to uncover who is leaking commercial secrets out of the embassy to black marketers. He quickly comes up against an ex-KGB agent with some fairly large plans of his own.

3 Death Throes Death Throes
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1994

The return of a British defector causes quite a stir in both Bulgaria and Germany as he seeks to settle some old scores. Ashton is suddenly caught in the middle and dismayed to find the danger extends beyond himself to touch the woman he loves.

4 A Lethal Involvement A Lethal Involvement
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1995

Seeking to find a missing British Army officer, Ashton soon comes across a Chechnyan hit team operating in England. Somehow the deaths they cause are linked to a death in Hong Kong, connected to a woman whose feelings of guilt keep her from telling what she knows.

5 Warning Shot Warning Shot
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1996

The key to an explosion destroying the British field office in Berlin is a strange, mysterious woman associated with another nation's intelligence agency. Somehow it is connected to a rising Islamic fundamentalist group but to get close enough to her to ask questions, Ashton has to travel through the Baltic and head to middle America.

6 Blood Money Blood Money
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1997

Three dead at a Yorkshire safe house, another man missing along with the one being guarded, all discovered by Ashton's wife who just avoided herself being in the middle of the bloodshed. It falls to Ashton to find out who had leaked the location and who was so willing to kill.

7 Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 1999

When one of the victims of a massacre at a London doctor's office is identified as being Harriet Ashton, Peter is filled with despair. He is further confused when he learns that a past love, Jill, has too much information about the catastrophe than she should - and she is not as forthcoming as she should be.

8 The Honey Trap The Honey Trap
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 2000

A queen's messenger, making a routine delivery to Costa Rica is found tortured and murdered. When the deaths continue in London, Ashton is asssigned to investiage on behalf of the SIS.

9 One Man Running One Man Running
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 2001

Ashton's unorthodox methods finally get him booted from the SIS but someone, possibly an old enemy, doesn't want him to have the luxury of retiring, and Ashton's old colleagues are offering no help.

10 Cry Havoc Cry Havoc
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 2003

The leakest of closely guarded information at the SIS results in key personnel being blackmailed. Ashton must find the mole who is trafficing in these secrets and stop him.

11 Assassination Day Assassination Day
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 2004

The upcoming release of a purported tell-all book by a former SIS operative gains grave results when those involved start dieing. Ashton suspects a disgraced SIS director is involved.

12 The Renegades The Renegades
Written by Clive Egleton
Copyright: 2005

What was thought a drug gang related shootout in a restaurant in London later seems connected to a series of terrorist attacks in British consulates in Pakistan and Russia. Ashton's goal is to track down the money-man financing the mayhem.


Mr. Egleton never wrote a bad book, in my opinion. I first read him in his series of about the conquering of Britain by the Soviets and the Resistance that followed. I loved the detail he brought but even more so the incredible atmosphere he presented. The same great grasp of surroundings exist in the Ashton books, so much so that at times I know I'm being followed, watched, pursued, in danger, ... give me a minute!

I strongly urge any fan of spy-fi to give the Ashton books a serious read. From the first book on, you'll want more. Luckily, Mr. Egleton gave us 12 great adventures before he passed away. Thank you, sir, and rest in peace.


My Grade: A


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