1927 - 2006

Writing as: Patrick Blake, Clive Egleton, John Tarrant

A tank driver during WWII despite being a tad young to be legally in the military, Mr. Egleton was later commissioned and served in many interesting places around the world such as the Persian Gulf, Africa, Hong Kong, India, Cyprus and so on. These postings gave his written narratives an authorative feel to them. Just before he retired as a Lt.Colonel in 1975, he saw the first of his many books published and a second career was well underway. In addition to his own name, he published under the pseudonym of John Tarrant.

Series Books
Patrick Blake
Other Escape to Athena (1979)
  Double Griffin aka The Skorzeny Project (1981)
Clive Egleton
Peter Ashton Hostile Intent (1993)
  A Killing In Moscow (1994)
  Death Throes (1994)
  A Lethal Involvement (1995)
  Warning Shot (1996)
  Blood Money (1997)
  Dead Reckoning (1999)
  The Honey Trap (2000)
  One Man Running (2001)
  Cry Havoc (2003)
  Assassination Day (2004)
  The Renegades (2005)
Cedric Harper The Black Windmill (1973)
  Skirmish (1975)
  The Mills Bomb (1978)
  A Different Drummer (1985)
Charles Winter The Eisenhower Deception (1981)
  The Russian Enigma (1982)
Other A Piece of Resistance [Garnett] (1970)
  Last Post for a Partisan [Garnett] (1971)
  The Judas Mandate aka The Last Refuge [Garnett] (1971)
  The October Plot aka The Bormann Brief (1974)
  State Visit (1976)
  Backfire (1979)
  A Falcon for the Hawks (1982)
  A Conflict of Interests (1983)
  Troika (1984)
  Picture of the Year (1987)
  Gone Missing aka Missing from the Record (1988)
  Death of a Sahib (1989)
  In the Red (1990)
  Last Act (1991)
  A Double Deception (1992)
  Never Surrender (2004)
  A Dying Fall (2004)
  The Sleeper (2005)
  The Loner (2006)
John Tarrant
Other The Rommel Plot (1977)
  The Clauberg Trigger aka The Alsos Mission (1978)
  China Gold aka Operation Sovereign (1982)
  A Spy's Ransom (2003)