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Full Name: Jake Armitage
Nationality: American
Organization: NSA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Simon W. Clark
Time Span: 2022 - 2024


Jake Armitage is an agent with the NSA.

He is, actually, considered a contractor for that American intelligence organization. And by that term we really mean an assassin. His orders typically come from the very top of that department, the Director himself, who sends an encrypted message to a very private number, at which point Armitage knows where to do and who to eliminate.

From what he thinks about now and then, we learn that he has been doing this sort of work for quite a long time. It gets to him now and then, the loneliness. He muses regretfully that "he had no focus. No one to care about. One contract assignment blended into the next". Then he receives another call and decrypts another message and for a time he again has a goal.

From countless days in the field, Jake's stealth ability had reached legendary status. He reflects in a section right after we first meet him "just how many times the Russians had failed to capture him. In their own country." Before we let his head get too big, however, we will witness more than a few times that someone out to kill him will catch up with him and there will be considerable mayhem. To his credit, though, he walks (well, once in a while limps) away and his assailants do not.

In the second recorded adventure, Armitage is contacted by retired general working on behalf of the NSA to perform a job for them. Not unusual there, of course, except that it seems the general's invitation was in a round about manner - he hired several men he wanted killed to track down and kill Armitage, knowing they would fail and that Armitage would figure out who sent them and ... Like I indicated - unusual.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2024

1 The Russian Ink The Russian Ink
Written by Simon W. Clark
Copyright: 2022

"How do you trigger an international political incident? Kill an important asset and blame it on the Russian mafia.
Who can solve the St Petersburg assignment? NSA contractor Jake Armitage.
Explosive evidence that could bring down the US president. No clues except a mysterious prison ink. The new Russian death cult formed from the darkest Gulag. A journalist who may have answers. Powerful political enemies arise. The former black-ops contractor with a death wish."
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2 Dead Mercenary's Trail Dead Mercenary's Trail
Written by Simon W. Clark
Copyright: 2023

"An assassination attempt in the South China Sea once again increases the body count and forces NSA contractor Jake Armitage back into the old game. After five months sailing on a yacht the past has again caught up with him.
A message sends Jake to Manila where a contact from his past surfaces. The offer he cannot refuse. From a heated assassination in Paris, a new contract leads to Japan where an outbreak of terrorism threatens Tokyo and the free world. But who is the enemy: is it an arms dealer supplying a doomsday terrorist cult? Or is the source a much larger underground organization hellbent on world domination..."
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3 Republic's Assassin Republic's Assassin
Written by Simon W. Clark
Copyright: 2024

"Jake escapes a deadly mission to retrieve a pathogen from a courier in the Pacific Islands. Little does he know that a more advanced copy is now in play in Taiwan. The People’s Republic are poised to take this discovery from a private research company by force. The new version is more developed, weaponized, and near undetectable than it's predecessor.
In Taiwan, Jake has formidable competition from ruthless MSS agents which are only the start of his problems. Vera James is hunting the same weapon and has a score too settle with Jake. China controls the island city and will stop at nothing to gain the technology."
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