Writing as: Simon W. Clark

According to the bio on Amazon: "Simon W Clark has been writing, reading and dreaming up adventures since he was a teenager. He has traveled the world frequently for both business; as an art consultant, and pleasure; reaching the far ends of the globe. Breaking down in the Transylvanian mountains and hiking for assistance; staying on a farm in northern Thailand and being holed up at the German/Czech border as authorities searched for wanted fugitives to mention a few highlights. 

His most recent novel called 'The Republic's Assassin' is the latest techno-thriller and the third in the Jake Armitage series. It became available on January 1st 2024. The installment follows on at breakneck speed from 'Dead Mercenary's Trail' and 'The Russian Ink' which is set primarily in Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

Prior work, 'Think Fast or Die', is currently available on Amazon: a spy thriller set in the Middle East. Simon lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia. He continues to travel whenever possible to unexplored destinations that also provides inspiration for his novels. Otherwise he can be found working or relaxing with family and friends."

Series Books
Jake Armitage The Russian Ink (2022)
  Dead Mercenary's Trail (2023)
  Republic's Assassin (2024)
Other Think Fast Or Die (2019)