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Full Name: Jareth Hicks
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Former Agent

Creator: Matthew Hattersley
Time Span: 2022 - 2022


Jareth Hicks is a former agent of the CIA.

Well, he was officially never an employee of the Agency; he was serving in the Armed Forces at the time being asked (by them supposedly, ordered by his superiors in the Army) to handle some very nasty matters. While he is all done permanently with that sort of work, or so he believes, he will find that the skills he had and the experiences he gained will be called upon more than once. This is what makes his adventures so interesting to read.

When we first meet him, when he is also being met by operative Acid Vanilla in a bar he was tending in Montana, she observes that he was "He was good-looking, in an obvious, not-her-type kind of way. Tall, broad shoulders, clean hair. Yet as he leaned over the counter now, she noticed he held a certain rugged charm. It was there in his stubble and crooked grin. In the glimmer of mischief shining behind his eyes." For his memory of her not many months later, he describes her as a "mad, bad woman with the cute face and the devil in her smile".

Hicks tells Vanilla a bit of his history in broad strokes, "U.S. Army...Three tours of duty as combat deployment, then a good few years with Special Forces, before... Well, it's in the past. Seems like an age ago now. I even made colonel, but not anymore. Now I'm a plain old civilian. Still feels weird to say that." That "before" which is now "in the past" will have been spent handling very tricky assignments given him while seconded to the CIA.

"Ever since I left the army I've felt out of place everywhere I go. I'm hoping the time away will help me work out what to do with the rest of my life." While he tries to figure all that out and because he needs to pay the bills as well as just plain keep busy, the now 43-year-old Hicks often works behind a bar slinging potent beverages. It is a shame (for him, not for the readers) that life pulls him out from back there on several occasion.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

The Two Wolves adventure is more accurately a novella but it is packaged as a book so I put it here with the others.

1 Never Say Die Never Say Die
Written by Matthew Hattersley
Copyright: 2022

Book #6 in the Acid Vanilla series.
Acid Vanilla and Spook are taking a much needed vacation - heading to the mountains of western Montana. Trouble, though, is heading there after them. When Vanilla ends up in the middle of a major squabble between a bike gang and the sheriff department, things get very serious when Spook goes missing!
Helping her in this matter is a nomadic bartender named Jareth Hicks.
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2 The Death Factory The Death Factory
Written by Matthew Hattersley
Copyright: 2022

The ex-lover of Jareth Hicks, once his handler at the CIA during his black-ops career, needs his help desperately. Her sister has been "taken by a mysterious cult and she needs Jareth’s help to rescue her. Danger is guaranteed."
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3 Two Wolves Two Wolves
Written by Matthew Hattersley
Copyright: 2022

Jareth Hicks' "estranged wife has been seeing a man called Ruben Rivers and he’s worried Rivers also has designs on Luna, his fifteen-year-old daughter. Jareth agrees to check in on his friend’s family but soon discovers he was right to be concerned.
Rivers is a bad man. He works for a someone called The White Wolf and the more Jareth delves into these shadowy figures the more he realizes how dangerous they are. And that they must be stopped. At any cost. Despite his new civilian status, it falls to Jareth to teach these depraved men a lesson in fear. But in doing so he must become someone he never thought he would."
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I really liked the author's other character who has membership in this compendium - Acid Vanilla (odd name, terrific woman). She in turn got to liking our entrant here, Jareth Hicks, and so did I from the moment that we first met him and he got involved in a little altercation mostly - my opinion here - because he felt like it.

My appreciation for Hicks did not change when he and Vanilla said their farewells and went their separate ways. His path took in a quite a different direction than hers but it was, in its own way, just as fascinating and I hope that author Matthew Hattersley will maintain both his and her adventures.


My Grade: B+


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