Writing as: Matthew Hattersley

According to the bio on Amazon: "Matthew Hattersley was born in Yorkshire, in the UK. Over the last twenty years he has toured Europe in a rock n roll band, trained as a professional actor and founded a theatre and media company. He's also had a lot of incredibly boring jobs to help sustain his more creative endeavours.

Now he writes action-packed thrillers and neo-noir fiction. He has also had his writing featured in The New York Observer & The Huffington Post.

His Acid Vanilla Series follows a wily, but flawed ex-assassin who - while on a bloody mission of vengeance - realises helping people might provide the salvation she seeks.

He is also the author of the stand-alone novels: Cookies and Double Bad Things.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Manchester, UK.

And he's not too comfortable writing about himself in third person."

Series Books
Jareth Hicks Never Say Die (2022)
  The Death Factory (2022)
  Two Wolves (2022)
Acid Vanilla The Watcher (2020)
  Seven Bullets (2020)
  Making A Killer (ss) (2020)
  The Hunt (2021)
  Sister Death (2021)
  Exit Wounds (2021)
  Never Say Die (2022)
  I Am A Killer (2022)
  White Heat (2023)
  Bad Blood (2023)
Other Cookies (2019)
  Double Bad Things (2020)