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Full Name: Serenity Sinclair
Series Name: The Spy Chronicles
Nationality: American
Organization: Spy School
Occupation Other - Student

Creator: Scarlett Haven
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Serenity Sinclair is a student at the Spy School.

She didn't start out that particular day with the intention of becoming enrolled at the academy that may or may not have an actual name but which everyone refers to simply as Spy School. Her day began like every other one in her 17 years of life - with considerable suffering and the constant danger of even more. When the day ended, though, she would move from having no friends - not being allowed to socialize whatsoever - to having five good looking high school seniors clamoring to get her attention. And to keep her safe and alive.

That last part definitely needs explanation.

When we first meet Serenity, her name - the one she has used all her life - is Karlie and her life with no equivocation sucks. With no sense of exaggeration, she tells us that "I am the maid at my house. I am everything here - the cook the cleaner, the 'do whatever I tell you to, because I hate you'" person. If hate sound extreme, think again. Her stepfather abhors her, her stepbrother is constantly cruel to her, and her mother is the one who 'hates' her. Her crime? Being alive, apparently.

Karlie day-to-day life is misery from the time she wakes up early to make breakfast to the time she is allowed to go to sleep after all chores and clean-up is done. And if she makes a mistake of any sort - and even if she doesn't - she is likely to go without food for a couple of days. She is, understandably, rail-thin.

Okay, moving on from this terrible condition we find Karlie coming into contact with a young man who in turns introduces her to several other young men who are quite happy to pull her from that existence and then to provide protection when trouble follows. And then we find out - as she finds out - that for reasons you need to read to understand, her hating mother is not her biological one and her real father is the head of the Spy School she will go on to attend, a man named Michael Sinclair, and he has been searching for her for years and other people want very much to see her dead and that is just the beginning.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 Finding Me Finding Me
Written by Scarlett Haven
Copyright: 2016

Karlie wants so much to have a life different than the horrid one she has know from birth. She did not expect to find it through the five young men now vowing to keep her safe from people who want to hurt her. She also did not expect to find herself whisked away to a school for spies and meet her real father.
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2 Keeping Me Keeping Me
Written by Scarlett Haven
Copyright: 2017

"How did I, an abused girl from Florida, end up in Switzerland, learning at a top secret school? Supposedly, I’m a really important person. I’m destined to be the best. And if my dad has anything to do with it, I will be. I’m learning that Spy School has a lot of rules, starting with ‘you don't shoot to injure. You shoot to kill.’ Scary words for me, considering I’ve only shot a gun once in my life. And then there is Sebastian… the most frustrating boy on the planet and the only person that my father trusts to keep me safe. I’m definitely in over my head."
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3 Losing Me Losing Me
Written by Scarlett Haven
Copyright: 2018

"I’ve been on the run with Sebastian for nearly 3 months now. His dad is always one step ahead of us and we’re not safe anywhere. With only one place left to go, we go to the one place Bass has avoided—where he hasn’t been for 4 years. Home. I’m tired of running. I’m ready to fight. Especially now that I have something worth fight for."
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4 Saving Me Saving Me
Written by Scarlett Haven
Copyright: 2018

Getting separated from Sebastian—bad. Being stuck with Nolan as my babysitter—worse. Hearing plans on how they plan to torture all my friends and family if I don’t comply—the worst. Nolan isn’t treating me bad like I expected. I’m not sure what to think about that right now, but it’s something. Sebastian is safe, which is all I can ask for. I know he’s looking for me, and I know he will find me. He’s Sebastian. How could he not?"
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This series of 4 really novellas but sold as books is actually, IMHO, one long story but each part does have a reasonable stopping point so no quibble from me.

This is the inaugural series dealing with a place everyone calls 'Spy School', run by a former operative and quite impressive man named Michael Sinclair. Subsequent series of various nature all connected to the school and Sinclair are The Zara Chronicles which follows this one, Spy Academy which follows Zara's adventures, and Spy Academy - The Royals which round out the quartet.

These are meant for young adult females and if I were one, I would probably enjoy them. I say that because I am not one - and I enjoyed them.


My Grade: B


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