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Full Name: Martin Schuller
Series Name: Martin Schuller, Spy Catcher
Nationality: American
Organization: U. S. State Department
Occupation Agent

Creator: Garrett Hutson
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Martin Schuller is an agent with the U.S. State Department.

More specifically, he is part of their Counter-Intelligence Department. The time period we first following the recorded adventures of this man in 1939 and the United States has thus far managed to stay out of the trouble about to explode in Europe (the first case takes place in February and war declarations will not take place between England and Germany until the latter's invasion of Poland later that year in September). Though America is still very much in its prolonged isolationism, those running the State Department have known for some time how important being forewarned.

The days of Henry Lewis Stimson's policy of gentlemen not "reading each other's mail" may have passed some time before but we are told in our introduction to Schuller and his vocation, "the U.S. government, on principle, did not send spies into foreign lands; foreign governments, however, did not return the favor to the United States - creating the need for men such as Martin to identify and apprehend foreign agents on American soil. The Department of State's counterintelligence bureau sought out anyone using, or attempting to acquire, a fake U.S. passport - with particular focus on infiltrators from the Soviet Union and Germany. Martin worked for State as a senior analyst and sometime undercover operative."

Schuller is put on the German infiltrator issue not only because it is the most pressing problem of the day but also because he has a native-speaking ability with that Teutonic language. One interesting sidebar to his Pennsylvanian Dutch accent is something he learned during his two year sting as a Foreign Service Officer in Austria several year before - his "accent sounded vaguely Swiss to most German speakers". He is able to pass off any comment by claiming to be Alsatian.

One quite interesting tidbit from the adventures we follow Schuller on - he manages to acquire in the first mission an American adversary in the form of FBI agent Reginald Sloan, a particularly annoying fellow who disrupts an important rendezvous and follows that up with near constant harassment. The second assignment we join in on takes Schuller to South America and, unfortunately, so goes the troublesome Sloan. In an amusing note, however, on the third mission, Sloan does not play a part but Schuller has occasion to "channel" his own version of Sloan when another person interferes with Schuller assignment. The humor is not lost on Schuller.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Hidden Among Us Hidden Among Us
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1939.
Martin Schuller is undercover trying to snare a Nazi spy at a rally of the German-American Bund when he is mistakenly arrested by the FBI. This causes trouble in his learning the identity of the head of the cell as well as gains him a new enemy in FBI agent Reginald Sloan who now has it out for Schuller.
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2 Spy Tango Spy Tango
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1940.
Counterintelligence officer Martin Schuller is in the dog house with his superiors so is sent to work for a time at the embassy in Argentina and worse, told to work with FBI agent Reginald Sloan. Despite this, he finds out about a Nazi smuggling operation bringing needed raw materials from South America to Germany.
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3 The Swiss Conspiracy The Swiss Conspiracy
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2021

The year is 1941.
Someone is killing ranking Swiss army officers. The blame seems to lie with communists but that count be a frame. Switzerland asks for aid in catching the killer(s) and Martin Schuller is dispatched to lend assistance. Now in the land of secret bank accounts and hordes of Nazi gold, Schuller is asked to be both a spy catcher and a spy himself.
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I really enjoyed the author's series about Doug Bainbridge in his Death in Shanghai series. The three books in the Martin Schuller series came out shortly after the first of that other series and then the release of adventures in both were interleaved. This must have helped Garrett Hutson stay fresh since one character dealt with conflict in the Pacific against the Japanese and the other in the Atlantic vying with the Germans.

Mr. Hutson has a very easy going writing style that manages to put you back in time to the years leading up to the Second World War. In Martin Schuller's case, the troubles he has to confront are vital and yet the stories still leave the feeling of one man doing what he can to help. Schuller is not a super-spy - he is just a darned good spy hunter.


My Grade: A-


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