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Full Name: Doug Bainbridge
Series Name: Death In Shanghai
Nationality: American
Organization: Naval Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Garrett Hutson
Time Span: 2017 - 2023


Douglas Bainbridge is an agent with the ONI.

At 25 years of age, this blond haired handsome man hailing from apparently the upper crust of San Franciscan society did not have to join the military as he enjoys a nice inheritance from his grandmother. He chose to serve out of a conviction that it was the right thing to do even though his parents clearly saw things differently. Having reached the quarter century mark, he is free to use his money as he saw fit without their annoying habit of trying (unsuccessfully) to use it to control his decisions.

We encounter him in the first recorded adventure as the cruise liner he is sailing on pulls into Shanghai harbor and he stands near the railing on the First Class deck, having paid the difference from Second Class out of his own pocket. He is excited for his new posting and ready to immediately meet with his new boss as soon as he was able to disembark. He is also surprised to learn that his impressive knowledge of both Mandarin and Cantonese will not do as well for him as he thought since the prevailing language in the city is its own Shanghainese. Being gifted in languages, though, he quickly picks it up.

Bainbridge holds the rank of Lt. Commander in the Navy and has been transferred to the Far East from his previous duty in D.C. as part of the Office of Naval Intelligence's immersion program and his first order is to take that to heart by traveling all about the city, especially outside the International Settlement, so he can learn what is really happening in that city of 3 million people, as of 1935, the year of his arrival.

Bainbridge is single with no interest in changing that as his mind is largely on his new assignment, this despite being the focus of many widows on the ship as well as older women wanting him to meet their marriage-age daughters. One in particular became especially close but when they landed, he was back to mostly all business.

The adventures we have of Bainbridge's activities all take place in the changing political landscape of that huge Chinese metropolis which will see its governance changing from British and French control, which is very irksome to the native populace, to that of the invading Japanese, which is hated to a huge degree. He will also find his work move from one of an observer reporting back home what he saw and heard to taking a lot more part in the things.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Jade Dragon The Jade Dragon
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1935.
Newly arrived in Shanghai for a two-year stint, Douglas Bainbridge bumps into an old friend, a reporter for the AP. While out on the town with him, Bainbridge discovers his friend's dead body in an alley. He does not believe the official ruling of a robbery gone bad and when looking into what his friend had been investigating he learns of Japanese infiltration into a Korean resistance group as well as a triad dealing with opium somehow connected to Chiang Kai-Shek.
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2 Assassin's Hood Assassin's Hood
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2019

The year is 1936.
"A series of assassinations of Japanese businessmen, sailors, and officials has struck fear into the International Settlement, and the Chinese government is blaming communist insurgents. It doesn't take long for Douglas Bainbridge to get pulled into the political intrigue."
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3 No Accidental Death No Accidental Death
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2021

The year is 1937.
"The Japanese have invaded northern Shanghai, and a fierce battle rages across the city, but the International Settlement is an island of safety. When an American seaman is found shot on the edge of the urban battleground, Doug Bainbridge is assigned to investigate for the navy. But what seems a case of foolhardy drunken daredevil sightseeing gone wrong becomes more sinister when Doug learns it wasn't a Chinese or Japanese military gun that shot Seaman Nick Bonadio. His was no accidental death. Can Doug solve Nick's murder before the murderer comes for him?"
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4 The Pink Lotus The Pink Lotus
Written by Garrett Hutson
Copyright: 2023

The year is 1938.
"With the war moving on to the west, Doug's work for the Office of Naval Intelligence has quieted down, Shanghai has settled into an uneasy new normal under Japanese occupation.
When one of Doug's friends is accused of murder at a swanky nightclub and gambling den out in the new "Shanghai Badlands," Doug must use his hard-earned expertise to clear Stuart of the crime. With help from Kenny as defense attorney, and with Lucy and Jonesy always ready to assist, can Doug clear his friend of a crime he didn't commit? And can Doug learn who killed Jimmy Lockhart before the murderer comes for him and Lucy?"
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I mean this next statement as a compliment - big time. This series feels like it was written back in the late 30s. By that I am saying it has that kind of feel to it and I welcome it. If the tales are taking place in the 30s, the reader should feel like the characters are really in the 30s and the author, Garret Hutson, gives us that. Well done to him!

Bainbridge is a very fascinating fellow - young and earnest and able to make mistakes while being smart and observant and able to survive those mistakes. The progression of the years of this series is a great idea and I hope there are more coming.


My Grade: A-


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