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Full Name: David Logan and Nahbi Adler and Tiera Aquilina
Nationality: American, Israeli, British
Organization: CIA,Mossad
Occupation Agent

Creator: Chuck Ervin
Time Span: 2013 - 2022


David Logan is an agent with the CIA.

Nahbi Adler is an agent with Mossad.

Tiera Aquilina is an agent with MI6.

The three recorded adventures we have of these two are promoted as the Nahbi Series but Logan has, IMHO, a bit more prominence in the activities so I have given him top billing. As will be explained below, Nahbi, though, is the more unique individual and for that reason likely given his titular position. Aquilina comes a very close third in this hierarchy.

First the facts on Logan. 

Raised by his grandparents in a "conservative and deeply religious home" in Texas, Logan graduated from Baylor with a BA in linguistics, being fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and Farsi, going on to earn a master's in theological studies. He joined the army after college, qualified as an expert marksman before heading to OCS to become a 2nd Lt. Afterwards, he was trained in Urdu and Pashto followed by a tour in Afghanistan. His tour ended after a half dozen months when an IED killed most of his recon patrol and mangled a leg so badly he has trouble with metal detectors. He would then go on to earn a PhD in Semitic Languages from Cambridge University before going to work for the CIA.

He is described as a handsome man, having brown eyes with gold flecks in them, and an "obvious masculine virility".

And now the data on Nahbi and why he is so unusual.

Nahbi is an android, "a type of advanced robot designed to be indistinguishable from a human being without close examination". Who designed or constructed him is unknown to us when we first meet him and to him. His first memories were being 'awakened' in the "City of Jerusalem in what your modern calendar system would refer to as the year 60 AD". At that time he was being deeded to a major figure in the Great Sanhedrin by a mysterious merchant named Amun. How he came to exist and why this Amun was determined that he be placed in that household is a tad mysterious and needs to be read to be understood. The important fact here is that he would soon be given the mission of tracking down and assassinating a man. "I was ordered to follow the Christian zealot you know as the Apostle Paul and to kill him before he reached Rome. I was a passenger on the Gaius Oceanus when it sank. It was an Alexandrian merchant ship bound for the empire's maritime hub at Portus, fifteen miles southwest of Rome. I went aboard in the port city of Caesarea. I was trying to catch a man before he reached Rome. Unfortunately, he left port two days before I did. When the ship sank in an early winter storm, I was unable to complete the task my master had given me".

Two thousand years later, a vacationing Logan along with his girlfriend Tiera Aquilina were diving in the Mediterranean, they discovered the perfectly preserved humanoid "buried in sand near the remains of a very old wooden merchant sailing ship." They brought him to the surface and were a bit astonished to find him 'alive'. They were further amazed, and highly sceptical, to discover him able to access their computers and to learn in a short few hours English and other modern languages.

Like I said. Unusual.

Lastly, Aquilina "twenty-eight years old. She's five feet five inches tall with luminous brown eyes and short, dark-brown hair. She's worked for MI6 for only a few months, but spent several months at MI6 the previous year as a member of Task Force 3. She has a PhD in computer science from Cambridge University, where she met David Logan. She speaks several languages fluently. As the sole surviving heir to the considerable wealth her father has amassed, she did not have to work anywhere to earn a living but her passions for justice drove her to join the SIS.

The three make a very interesting team.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2013
Last Appearance:2022

The first two books in the series were both published under different titles and then, a few years later, revived and revised with their current titles, as indicated.

1 Nahbi Nahbi
aka The Defection of Nahbi
Written by Chuck Ervin
Copyright: 2013

Originally published at The Defection of Nahbi in 2013 with a second edition released in 2017. This latest edition was published in 2022 after being "significantly revised:.
Scuba diving near Malta, David discovers something incredible buried in the sand beside an ancient Roman shipwreck. His mysterious discovery draws him back into a very dangerous world he thought he’d left behind. 
LTG JHALAWAN has stolen five of Pakistan’s most powerful weapons. He intends to use them in terrorist attacks on major American and European cities.
If he succeeds, millions of people will die… 
NAHBI’s incredible intellect and leadership ability result in him being put in charge of a secret international task force. Working from MI6 headquarters in London, the task force finds and disarms one of the weapons. But four are still missing…"
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2 Jus Cogens Jus Cogens
aka Callsign Hammer
Written by Chuck Ervin
Copyright: 2017

Originally published at Callsign Hammer in 2017. This latest edition was published in 2022 after being revised:.
DAVID LOGAN just suffered the worst week of his entire life. A lot of people died because he overlooked something. His sister was one of them… 
Pakistan’s General Jhalawan is guilty of crimes against humanity under JUS COGENS , the highest principle of international law. David and Captain Davignon will lead a joint CIA and French Special Forces team to bring Jhalawan to justice. But the odds of surviving the mission aren’t very good… Iran’s Supreme Leader is determined to destroy Israel. He now has enough nuclear weapons to carry out that threat… 
NAHBI is an agent of Israel’s legendary Metsada sabotage unit. He’s been ordered by the prime minister to go undercover in Iran as an agent provocateur. But no Mossad agent has returned from Iran in over ten years… "
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3 Lelah Lelah
Written by Chuck Ervin
Copyright: 2022

LELAH was wandering alone in the desolate wilderness of southern Oman's Dhofar desert when a Royal Omani Air Force helicopter pilot found her. She had no memory of how she got there or where she came from.
EBRAHIM HATAMI, the former supreme leader of Iran, has been deposed and exiled. He is intent on two things: Revenge and returning to power...
When a member of the Israeli Knesset is abducted, the directors of the legendary Mossad spy agency and the CIA realize someone is targeting leaders of the three countries responsible for the destruction of Iran's nuclear capability."
David Logan and Nahbi are put on the assignment.
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I am a sucker for cross-genre adventures so when I discovered a series that involved an android as a government operative, I was hooked without reading the first book. When I did start it and found it started back in 60 AD, I was a tad confused and stayed that way for a while. Intrigued, of course, but confused.

Both mental conditions stayed with me for quite some time as the more I learned the more confused I got and the more I wanted to learn.

Did all my questions get answered? Nope. Still, an interesting trilogy, to say the least.


My Grade: B


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