Jus Cogens
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Jus Cogens

Written by Chuck Ervin

Originally published at Callsign Hammer in 2017. This latest edition was published in 2022 after being revised:.
DAVID LOGAN just suffered the worst week of his entire life. A lot of people died because he overlooked something. His sister was one of them… 
Pakistan’s General Jhalawan is guilty of crimes against humanity under JUS COGENS , the highest principle of international law. David and Captain Davignon will lead a joint CIA and French Special Forces team to bring Jhalawan to justice. But the odds of surviving the mission aren’t very good… Iran’s Supreme Leader is determined to destroy Israel. He now has enough nuclear weapons to carry out that threat… 
NAHBI is an agent of Israel’s legendary Metsada sabotage unit. He’s been ordered by the prime minister to go undercover in Iran as an agent provocateur. But no Mossad agent has returned from Iran in over ten years… "