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Full Name: Jason Drake
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Auston King
Time Span: 2020 - 2023


Jason Drake is an agent with the CIA.

More specifically, he is an assassin who removes from the list of the living those that the Agency has decided no longer deserve to be breathing or who pose a threat to the United States so as to warrant such a termination.

When we first encounter him he is stumbling down a side street off Pennsylvania Avenue wounded from an attack and struggling to stay upright. As he haphazardly passes a group of Washington elites leaving an art exhibit, we are given a good example of Drake's opinion of them: "To them, Drake was just a blemish, an inconvenient truth, nothing to be concerned with - he was the help. Drake had more in common with the janitors and maintenance men who mowed their lawns and cleaned their toilets than with them." In response, "he couldn't give a rat's ass about the swamp creatures that inhabited the capital". That sums up Drake's attitude towards a lot of things.

A bit later in a flashback a few months before the situation above, we learn that Drake had been for several years part of a now defunct black ops division of the CIA called Terminus. As Kate Price, the former head of the group, tells about it and Drake, "We were the ones you called when you had no other option. But things went wrong when one of my officers went rogue. He [Drake] killed a U.S. senator, and disappeared. The CIA have been looking for him ever since. Due to the nature of the incident, Terminus was disbanded."

"Each one of my Terminus officers had been given psychological enhancement training, injections of various drugs to increase their endurance and mental faculties. We were told they were safe... maybe they weren't."

Since the time of his vanishing, Drake has been living in San Juan where "he keeps to himself, stays in the shadows" and "has earned a Robin Hood-like reputation down there". At least until Price, being faced with a situation that only Drake can solve, offers him a chance at clearing his name.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2023

1 The Assassin's Betrayal The Assassin's Betrayal
Written by Auston King
Copyright: 2020

"A weapon equivalent to a small nuclear bomb is missing. Not one intelligence agency in the world has a lead. Everyone that gets close to the truth, ends up dead. Jason Drake is on the run. He's a bad man who'd done bad things for bad people. He was a CIA assassin. But now his country needs him."
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2 The Assassin's Game The Assassin's Game
Written by Auston King
Copyright: 2021

"The President is shot. The assassin disappears. Jason Drake is the lone suspect.
He's got forty-eight hours to prove he's not the shooter. To uncover the truth about the Inauguration Day Attack, Jason must rely on old friends. He also must come face-to-face with his violent past."
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3 The Assassin's Vengeance The Assassin's Vengeance
Written by Auston King
Copyright: 2021

"A smuggler delivers chemical weapons to anti-Russian rebels in Ukraine. The Ukrainian military captures him. During interrogation, the smuggler says one name: Jason Drake. The only problem: Jason Drake is either missing or dead."
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4 The Assassin's Ultimatum The Assassin's Ultimatum
Written by Auston King
Copyright: 2022

"Jason Drake has been given a painful ultimatum. Either co-operate or lose the only chance he has of finding out what happened to his daughter. The stakes are higher and more personal than ever."

5 The Assassin's Target The Assassin's Target
Written by Auston King
Copyright: 2023

"A nuclear bomb is missing. The Russian Federation is on the verge of collapse. And a terrifying new organization threatens to upset world order. All Jason Drake needs is a target."
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6 The Assassin's Contract The Assassin's Contract
Written by Auston King
Copyright: 2023

"The mysterious Russian group known as Chaos Magnum is left reeling after their sudden defeat. And while Magnum's leader, Vladimir Alexandrov, still desires power, his sights are aimed firmly on the man who stopped him in Lavrentiy: Jason Drake."
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Do something you have not been ordered or authorized to do and, presto! You have gone rogue. That is what happened to Drake, though granted, taking out a sitting Senator is a bit much (though there are some ... never mind!)

Being rogue is a bad thing up until they really need you and then they come offering forgiveness. Yes, my boy, we know you wiped out someone you shouldn't have - bad Drake! If you promise to not do it again and agree to take on this near-suicide mission, well, all water under the bridge:. Those were my words, of course, but really their meaning.

On a big time plus side, these are exciting adventures which were a blast to read.


My Grade: B+


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