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Full Name: Peter Black
Codename: Azrael
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Archer, Vince Vogel
Time Span: 2022 - 2024


Peter Black is an agent with the CIA.

He is, more accurately, an assassin with the Agency, a very dangerous killer operating under the codename of Azrael, one of the names for the Angel of Death.

And even more accurately, when we meet him, the verb is 'was', not 'is'. He is still very much a killer though now he is doing so for considerable money in the private sector because he had a few years before decidedly separated from the CIA and both parties were happier as a result. The CIA did not want to acknowledge he still existed. Until, of course, they need him again.

In flashbacks we watch, a couple decades before, two squad cars respond to a call at St. Joseph's Orphanage, the results of their intervention being four injured and annoyed policemen. The cause was a resident of that facility, an eleven-year-old boy who had decided he had had enough of the 'care' being given by its head man, the now late Father Collins. It was after the violent scuffle that a woman whose ID said she was an agent with the FBI arrived and she presented the paperwork place the preteen into her custody.

Within the hour she and the boy, suffering without complaint from a broken collarbone, enjoyed a breakfast at a Denny's before boarding a plane headed to the boy's new home, training facility in Alaska. It is in that northernmost state that Peter Black learns the art and science of killing and becomes the even more hardened individual whose killing style would earn him the Azrael codename. 

Black has an amazing ability to observe and quickly assimilate. Coupled with his eidetic memory, he can recall virtually everything he has seen and heard, every document he has even briefly scanned. It is considered a major asset for someone in his line of work but it is also pointed out that he was "cursed to remember everything". As for himself, he is not what people would consider that memorable. To look at him would not spark thoughts of danger, described as a "5'10" mouse". And his skill with changing his facial appearance makes even accurate accounts useless as he would frequently change the way he looked.

Black is a very serious man virtually all the time; at one point when a fairly recent colleague accuses him of 'kidding' him, Black asks, "In the time you've known me, have I ever told a joke?" The answer was no.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2024

1 Burden of the Assassin Burden of the Assassin
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2022

"Trained to be a killer from the age of eleven, Peter has never known the things the average person takes for granted. He has always been an asset.
Burned by the CIA and now occupying their secret hit list, he works overseas as a Ronin, living a solitary life in hiding.
But someone knows where he is.
A strange man arrives at his door offering Peter the chance of a real life. ‘Get this done and you can be free,’ he is told."
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2 The Man Without A Face The Man Without A Face
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2022

"You have never been a boy. You have always been a man without a face. Until he disappeared Peter Black was Azrael. Master assassin. Now he spends his days hiding on a remote farm in northern Alaska. The same farm he was sent to at age eleven to be trained by the CIA.
Peter only ever wanted a normal life and to be left alone. But the world refuses to leave men like Peter Black alone. An enemy like no other is coming. An enemy that has no mercy. No compassion. Only sheer ruthlessness of will.
Forced to become Azrael once again, Peter must use every skill in his repertoire. Otherwise the people he cares about most are going to get hurt."
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3 Unpunished Deeds Unpunished Deeds
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2023

"A terrible atrocity kills hundreds of people, of which most are children. Twenty years later the men behind it are still unpunished. Not only that, they are now embroiled in new atrocities. But someone wants punishment. Someone willing to hire the best to achieve it. Hire Azrael, master assassin.
Sent into a war zone to hunt three men, Peter Black, along with his son and apprentice Michael, must tread a fine line along the edges of the fighting in order to reach their targets.
But as they pick up the scent, they discover that these unpunished men are on a mission of their own. One which will lead to unimaginable horror if it isn’t stopped."
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4 Hunter Killer Hunter Killer
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2023

"Peter and Michael are supposed to be retired. Living off the fat of their last job. But retirement bores them stiff. That is until they meet computer hacker John Harker who begs for their protection, before revealing that he has recently come into possession of certain 'files' belonging to a secretive organization. The two former assassins agree to harbor the eccentric—even if it’s only for the entertainment value. Skeptical of his “new world order” conspiracies. But when Harker is murdered in their custody, the two find themselves wanted by both the police and several clandestine entities desperate to get their hands on the stolen files."
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5 Silent Shadows Silent Shadows
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2023

"In an Osaka noodle bar, a powerful businessman meets a grisly end—eviscerated and beheaded. Another influential figure sits entombed in his fortress-like underground bunker, anxiously anticipating a similar fate.
Night after night, a spectral woman stalks his dreams: an unyielding assassin backed by a ruthless yakuza army. Systematically eliminating key figures in Japanese business, she appears to be climbing the power ladder towards her ultimate target.
Yet, the man in the bunker has an ace up his sleeve. He marshals his forces to find the enigmatic Azrael and his son, by any means necessary, to protect his life."
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6 The Last Run The Last Run
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2023

"Hardened ex-hitman Peter Black is back working the dark corridors of the CIA. It just so happens that fate has an ironic sense of timing. His first week back coincides with the unleashing of a cataclysmic virus that plunges the world into unparalleled turmoil. The sole antidote hides in a secret lab hidden beneath Sudan’s burning desert. But with the country on the verge of civil war, the CIA’s initial extraction mission fails, losing the vital cure in a maelstrom of savage violence."
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7 Dark Corners Dark Corners
Written by David Archer, Vince Vogel
Copyright: 2024

"When Peter Black is tasked with tracking down a mysterious terrorist collective known as “The Wolf Pack” he expects danger—but nothing prepares him for the web of betrayal and deceit that awaits. At the same time, investigative journalist Kara Tate stumbles upon a shadowy world when a video from a source leads her to a deadly conspiracy that intertwines with Peter’s mission.
From the tense confines of Syrian refugee camps to the bustling streets of New York, Peter uncovers a trail leading straight back to American soil—and the hints of a cataclysmic event."
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Is it okay to really like a trained, seasoned killer? Want to be pals with an experienced assassin who used to go by one of the names of the Angel of Death? Is that something I should be worried about?

Well, if so, too bad because I got a major league amount of enjoyment out of this series. Which is not surprising because the list of series that one of the authors, David Archer, is involved with in pretty darn long and I have liked all of them. One, Noah Wolf, took me a while but eventually I cam around and the others hooked me from the beginning and never let go. One of them, a non-spy series about a fellow named Sam Pritchard is, well, so darn good I want him to do spy stuff just to become a member here.

But this entry is about Peter Black and my apparent bromance. Um, don't tell Black, though, please? He would not be amused cause he is, well, never amused.


My Grade: A-


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