Writing as: David Archer

According to the bio on his website: "David Archer was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. He is a fiction author and novelist, writing in the mysteries and thrillers genre. His approach to writing is to hit deep, keep you entertained, and leave you wanting MORE with every turn of the page. He writes mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels, all of which are primed to get your heart pumping.

The author’s books are a mixture of mystery, action, suspense, and humor. If you’re looking for a good place to start, take a look at his bestselling Sam Prichard Novels, available now. You can grab copies in eBook, Audio, or Paperback on all major retailers."

Series Books
Peter Black Burden of the Assassin (2022)
  The Man Without A Face (2022)
  Unpunished Deeds (2023)
  Hunter Killer (2023)
  Silent Shadows (2023)
  The Last Run (2023)
  Dark Corners (2024)
Alex Mason Odin (2021)
  Ice Cold Spy (2021)
  Mason's Law (2022)
  Assets And Liabilities (2022)
  Russian Roulette (2022)
  Executive Order (2022)
  Dead Man Talking (2022)
  All The King's Men (2023)
  Flashpoint (2023)
  Brotherhood of the Goat (2023)
  Dead Hot (2023)
  Blood on Megiddo (2024)
Noah Wolf Way of the Wolf (2016)
  Code Name Camelot (2016)
  Lone Wolf (2016)
  In Sheep's Clothing (2016)
  Hit For Hire (2017)
  The Wolf's Bite (2017)
  Black Sheep (2017)
  Balance Of Power (2017)
  Red Square (2017)
  Time To Hunt (2017)
  Black Harvest (2018)
  Highest Order (2018)
  Unknown Evil (2018)
  World Order (2019)
  Caged Animal (2019)
  Pack Leader (2019)
  Deep Alliance (2019)
  High Treason (2020)
  A Wolf Among Men (2020)
  Rogue Intelligence (2022)
  Alpha (2023)
  Rogue Wolf (2024)
  Shadows Of Allegiance (2024)