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Full Name: Alex Polonia
Nationality: American
Organization: Teton Security
Occupation Agent

Creator: Gregory C. Randall
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Alexandra 'Alex' Polonia is an agent with TSD.

She will be, after a bit of trouble that she will encounter while, unfortunately, trying to take a vacation from other trouble. It does seems to follow her around, or as in that first trouble, be waiting for her arrival.

TSD stands for Teton Security and Defense. As it is initially told to her, it is a private company started by an experienced former government operative named Christopher Campbell and the company is, in the words of her close friend who recommends her to it, "TSD is the real thing. He doesn't do warehouse security - unless it's full of high-grade military equipment or other valuable stuff. His clients are governments, international businesses, and very rich individuals. He's ex-CIA and employs only the best. It's a growing field, especially these days".

Its main office is a modern glass façade building on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington, DC, its lobby manned by "three outsize, sports-coated guards, the two uniformed women at the front desk, and the NFL-tackle-sized man near the bank of elevators made it clear the building was well defended." The firm is a large one and still growing having offices in 23 countries.

Polonia comes to the company by way of an adventure (the first recorded one) which would show most anyone her capabilities of handling extremely dangerous and difficult situations. She came to that trouble while trying to clear her mind off a different type of problem back home in her native Cleveland, Ohio.

That homegrown issue was brought to her by her ex-husband who had a profitable business on the side manufacturing meth. That was bad enough since Polonia was a police detective at the time. Said scum-bag ex-hubby had turned state's witness against his partner cops to get a lighter sentence (still 12 years) and admitted that his then wife had nothing to do with the enterprise. Her boss believed it but not many others did and her name was fully tarnished, prompting a desire to get away.

Which is what caused the 42-year-old Alex Polonia to head to Venice, a place she'd always wanted to visit, and to a new totally different type of trouble and thereafter, a whole new profession in the private security world. She fit in just fine.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

1 Venice Black Venice Black
Written by Gregory C. Randall
Copyright: 2018

Two women each head to Venice during Carnevale for different reasons; Alex Polonia to recover from the surprise of her ex-husband going to jail, and Marika Juric to gather evidence on a war criminal from the fight in Bosnia. They have never met before but they are almost identical in appearance and soon they will find that those out to kill them do not care which is which.
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2 Saigon Red Saigon Red
Written by Gregory C. Randall
Copyright: 2019

"Believed complicit in her ex-husband’s prison escape, Cleveland police detective Alex Polonia is methodically being forced out of the department. Not waiting, she does them one better and resigns, taking on a new profession as a special agent for an international security firm. Her first assignment: bodyguard for the family of Nevio Lucchese, a wealthy Italian industrialist relocating to Ho Chi Minh City. But Vietnam is where Alex’s unknown past casts a dark shadow?and a mysterious assassin could be hiding in it. Known only as the Ghost, he kills with drone-like precision and eludes all attempts at capture. Most disturbingly, he may hold the key to a love that Alex’s father lost fifty years earlier."
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3 St. Petersburg White St. Petersburg White
Written by Gregory C. Randall
Copyright: 2020

A major disruption in the nation's power grid leaves a town in Iowa in ruins. Somehow it might be connected to Russia so Alex Polonia sent by her new boss to that country to ask questions. Soon she is running for her life from people who do not like what she is acting.
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It is really easy to like Alex Polonia, especially after you learn about her icky ex. Throw in the fact that she is fully grown and mature woman who can handle herself in most circumstances and will not put up with jerks anymore, you end up with a character that I for one enjoyed following (reading-wise, not in a creepy stalker-ish way).

The author, Gregory C. Randall, has a particularly enjoyable writing style, almost like the two of you are sitting in easy chairs and he is relating a fascinating tale. I think sharing a beer with him (non-alcoholic for me these days unfortunately) would be fun.


My Grade: B+


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