Writing as: Gregory C. Randall

According to the bio on his website: "Gregory C. Randall, Michigan born and Chicago raised has made the San Francisco Bay Area his home for more than fifty years. He attended Kent State University and Michigan State University. 

In the summer of 2022, his mystery novel, White Rabbit was published by Rough Edges Press.

Mr. Randall and his wife have their own independent publishing company, Windsor Hill Publishing. He is a book cover designer and artist and is well versed in the ebook conversion process. All of his books are available through the usual sources, but most specifically Amazon Books."

Series Books
Alex Polonia Venice Black (2018)
  Saigon Red (2019)
  St. Petersburg White (2020)
Other Land Swap for Death [Sharon O'Mara] (2010)
  America's Original Gi Town, Park Forest, Illinois (2010)
  Containers For Death [Sharon O'Mara] (2011)
  Elk River (2011)
  Toulouse For Death [Sharon O'Mara] (2011)
  12th Man for Death [Sharon O'Mara] (2012)
  Diamonds For Death [Sharon O'Mara] (2014)
  Chicago Swing [Tony Alfano] (2015)
  Chicago Jazz [Tony Alfano] (2016)
  The Cherry Pickers (2017)
  Chicago Fix [Tony Alfano] (2018)
  Limerick For Death [Sharon O'Mara] (2019)
  Sector 73 [Gypsy King] (2020)
  Chicago Boogie Woogie [Tony Alfano] (2021)
  Seven Hours to Barstow [Gray Rider] (2021)
  One Yellow Dog [Jordan Tynes] (2022)
  The Killings in Paradise Valley [Jordan Tynes] (2022)
  White Rabbit (2022)