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Full Name: Tony Romella
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Navy
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: Peter J. Azzole
Time Span: 2017 - 2021


Anthony 'Tony' Romella is an officer in U.S. Naval Intelligence.

His rank when we first meet him in last week of November, 1941 is Lieutenant-Commander but as his adventures are described and he is put into more and more highly dangerous and very important operations in the European Theater of the Second World War, his rank will understandably increase.

Our introduction to him takes place in the offices of OP-20-G, the naval code for the Navy's COMINT organization on "the top floor of the Main Navy Building on Constitution Avenue" in D.C. He and his team are pouring over newly released intel predicting an attack by Japanese forces on "location AI". The consensus is the attack is imminent but the site of it remains a mystery. When the bombing of Pearl Harbor takes place shortly thereafter, he will receive orders to London.

Romella's skill at code breaking makes tremendous use of his expertise in Mathematics, a discipline in which he had some years before earned a Ph.D. He had chosen, to the surprise of his surviving mother and sister, to enter the American Navy rather than accept a position at a university but he felt a need to use his skills in something less academic.

Romella is 31 years old and single on our meeting, described as "subtly handsome" with a "relatively dark Italian complexion", wide-set brown eyes below his black hair cut in a regulation crew-cut; he enjoys a "smooth deep voice".

In the course of Romella's involvement in the War, he will find his normally sedentary work-life changing a considerable amount, change that he will be surprised himself enjoying; he will be put in charge of numerous small detachments of radio communications experts, both transmitting and intercepting, as those teams head to various areas of Europe to join in the fight.

His private life will also undergo a major change as he will meet soon after his transfer to London Petra Alice Graham Wilkinson, a Second Officer in the Women's Royal Navy Service. Wilkinson is a widow of a RAF fighter pilot killed in the early days of the War; she has a 9-year-old son named 9. She is intricately connected with the code-breaking work ongoing at Bletchley Park and will later become an operative with MI5.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2021

1 Assignment: Bletchley Assignment: Bletchley
Written by Peter J. Azzole
Copyright: 2017

It is December 1941.
When the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor throws the US into the War, Tony Romella is dispatched from his comfortable D.C. duty station to work at the newly established British intelligence center at Bletchley Park.
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2 Assignment: London Assignment: London
Written by Peter J. Azzole
Copyright: 2018

It is April, 1942.
Tony Romella has the challenging task of helping a French Resistance unit monitor activity near the German U-boat base at Lorient. And returning home he will find a different form of intrigue as HUMINT comes in about the dead pilot husband of the woman that Romella has been romancing still being alive.

3 Assignment: Norway Assignment: Norway
Written by Peter J. Azzole
Copyright: 2019

It is Fall, 1942.
A team of radio intel operators led by Tony Romella head to Norway to investigate rumors of German research there into a secret and worrisome new weapon. The team will discover getting back is even more dangerous than getting in.
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4 Assignment: Casablanca Assignment: Casablanca
Written by Peter J. Azzole
Copyright: 2020

It is December, 1942.
What looked like a simple mission to Casablanca to set up a temporary communications center for a high level Allied war planning session gets complicated as Tony Romella and his people learn that the Moroccan city remains a hotbed of Vichy and German spies.
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5 Assignment: Peenemunde Assignment: Peenemunde
Written by Peter J. Azzole
Copyright: 2020

It is July, 1943.
Navy Captain Tony Romella is sent to Sweden leading a group of radio intercept operators to gather as much intel from the Peenemunde research facility as they can. Hitler's forces are working on a new version of the V1 rocket and learning how to counter it is vital.
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6 Assignment: Normandy Assignment: Normandy
Written by Peter J. Azzole
Copyright: 2021

It is May, 1944.
As the Allies prepare for D-Day in a month, tactical intel on German naval capabilities on and off the coast of Normandy are require. It falls with Tony Romella to lead a team into Normandy to provide it. The danger will intensify once the actual landing takes place.
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I remain impressed with the way that the author, Peter J. Azzole, takes a very intelligent but largely desk-bound fellow like Tony Romella and over time turns him into someone who actually enjoys the not-so-desk-bound field operation. I get the feeling he is not so crazy about bullets flying past his head but the rest of it is exhilarating to him. Me, I figure I would be looking for a way out. Then again, if I had someone like Petra to work with, well, that might be a different story.

The author bills himself on his website as a 'Navy Fiction Author' and he definitely knows his stuff about the Navy as well as his WWII history. I enjoyed what he has given us. I wonder if he will take us the rest of the way to the end of the War.


My Grade: B+


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