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Full Name: Stacy Martinez
Nationality: American
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ryan McGinnis
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Stacy Martinez is an agent with the Citadel.

Well, sort of. As often is in life, it's complicated.

She will be working mostly with them for most of the time we spend with her but when we first meet her, she is an agent with the FBI and she was pretty well dedicated to stopping any agent of the Citadel that she could find. Not that she could find many because they are especially well trained to stay out of the limelight. Life, though, will cause her to say goodbye to the Bureau and join up with the Citadel.

We meet her initially as an FBI agent on the hunt for a Citadal operative named Xavier Greene and it is in the write-up for that man's adventures that we say of the Citadel that "it was a mysterious organization with seemingly no boundaries or oversight", which definitely sounds ominous. We also learn elsewhere that it was "a power conglomeration of influential people, corporations and even countries that operated in the shadows. No one knew exactly what the Citadel did, but their influence spanned the globe and rarely was a major policy decision made anywhere without their input".

Half of the first Greene adventure with Martinez as a major player, she and her long-time FBI partner, Bill Logan, first seem to be assisting Greene (well, at least getting him released from the custody of a county sheriff) but were actually after him and likely others in the Citadel. Over time, her career path will take a major shift and she will take a bit of a different attitude towards the Citadel. "She quit the FBI because she got too close to the truth, and they wanted her to stop" was how one fellow she meets puts it to his buddy. He was kinda close. For more information, you need to follow first Greene and then Martinez.

Now back to the sort of working with them. Her relationship with the Citadel is an interesting one. It has an ongoing conflict with a group called Axion and she does, too. Which is why she sides with the Citadel and why she accepts their help when she needs it. But she has also sort of helped herself a wee bit in the first adventure she has on her own. As we follow her actions, they will take us on an interesting side trip. The Citadel maintains a series of PO boxes around the country used to fund its agents as needed. "During the confusion caused by their war with Axion, I had raided several of the PO Boxes. As far as I knew, no one had discovered the missing money, or if they had, they probably assumed it was Axion". See what I mean about the relationship being interesting?


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Tears of the Dragon Tears of the Dragon
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2021

Book 1 in the Xavier Greene series.
"A group of terrorists called The Brotherhood have created a contagion called Tears of the Dragon, that could wipe out the global population. They plan to release it on the world, causing untold chaos and destruction. But when? Where? Xavier finds himself in a race around the globe to uncover their secrets and get to them before it's too late."
Stacy Martinez plays a major role in this adventure
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2 The Osiris Initiative The Osiris Initiative
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2022

Book 2 in the Xavier Greene series.
"A routine mission in southern France turns deadly as elite assassin Xavier Greene finds himself scrambling to escape a sinister trap with trained killers closing in at every turn."
"A mysterious organization, driven by revenge, are making a play for global domination. The first step? Eliminate the Citadel and anyone associated with it. They must be stopped, but how do you combat an enemy who knows your every move before you make it? "
Once again, Stacy Martinez plays a major role.
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3 The Delicate Art of Death The Delicate Art of Death
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2023

Ex-FBI agent Stacy Martinez rolls into Jackson, Kansas, to visit her family with a duffel bag full of stolen money and a dangerous past full of secrets. But this small town has a dark secret of its own. Young women are mysteriously dying. Stacy suspects foul play, but can she trust her judgment when no one else does?

Note: Xavier Greene has a very small part in it.
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4 The Firefly Collective The Firefly Collective
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2023

Book 3 in the Xavier Greene series.
"Deep in the heart of the jungles of Columbia, highly trained assassin Xavier Greene is called back from his search for criminal mastermind James Devos. A series of bombings have left chaos and terror in their wake, and their next target is London. In a desperate race against time, Xavier finds himself pursuing Francisco Ortega, the leader of the Firefly Collective. But, his efforts are complicated when he finds himself at odds with local law enforcement, who disapprove of the trail of bodies left in his wake."
Once again, Stacy Martinez plays a major role.
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I enjoyed the Xavier Greene adventures because they were action-filled and exciting and pretty darned interesting with some neat twists. And I really liked it when Martinez was 'on stage'. Which is why I was thrilled to see her get her own adventure and thus qualify for her own membership card in this compendium.

I hope the author keeps giving us adventures about both Greene and Martinez though which one I would prefer is hardly in doubt. Greene is fun. Martinez is a hoot and half. Do not mess with Martinez, let me tell you. Or better yet, tell yourself after reading her adventures.


My Grade: B+


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