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Full Name: Xavier Greene
Nationality: American
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation Agent

Creator: Ryan McGinnis
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Xavier Greene is an agent with the Citadel.

One brief passage concerning this group stated that "it was a mysterious organization with seemingly no boundaries or oversight", which definitely sounds ominous. We also learn elsewhere that it was "a power conglomeration of influential people, corporations and even countries that operated in the shadows. No one knew exactly what the Citadel did, but their influence spanned the globe and rarely was a major policy decision made anywhere without their input".

As one member of the organization puts it, "The Citadel is set up as a bunch of Stations. Each Station is a completely independent hub. They each have their own safe houses, garages, resources and are completely separate from each other. They all communicate with each other, but they aren't connected. One Station normally has no idea what the other Stations are doing. They all operate completely independently. Only the heads of each Station get together and coordinate. That way even if one is infiltrated, it won't endanger the others.

Greene has been with the Citadel for a lot of years, recruited by it when he was quite a bit younger and hired to serve "primarily as an assassin, taking out assigned targets without questioning". As time passed, his ability to handle the considerable pressure of his work as well as his impressive skill at problem-solving honed his talent so that "he became known in the intelligence community as 'the Silencer', a highly specialized agent who had the ability to seemingly appear and disappear without a trace. Eventually, he was only sent on the most important and high stakes missions, which afforded him better paydays and less of a work schedule".

Then came the mission in the Himalayas which would alter his life considerably. During a chase through those mountains after having retrieved a hard drive, Greene was caught in an avalanche. The Citadel thought him dead but he had been rescued by a monk, Quan-Li, and nursed back to life in a secluded monastery. During that long recovery he trained and studied with the monk and when after a considerable amount of time he decided to make his survival known to the Citadel, it was as a changed man.

He still does the occasional job for them but when he is finished, he returns to those mountains once more.

Playing a major role in each of the two Xavier Greene adventures before getting her own starring role with Greene showing up in a cameo capacity is determined and stubborn, albeit highly resourceful FBI agent Stacy Martinez.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Tears of the Dragon Tears of the Dragon
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2021

"A group of terrorists called The Brotherhood have created a contagion called Tears of the Dragon, that could wipe out the global population. They plan to release it on the world, causing untold chaos and destruction. But when? Where? Xavier finds himself in a race around the globe to uncover their secrets and get to them before it's too late."
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2 The Osiris Initiative The Osiris Initiative
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2022

"A routine mission in southern France turns deadly as elite assassin Xavier Greene finds himself scrambling to escape a sinister trap with trained killers closing in at every turn."
"A mysterious organization, driven by revenge, are making a play for global domination. The first step? Eliminate the Citadel and anyone associated with it. They must be stopped, but how do you combat an enemy who knows your every move before you make it? "

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2.5 The Delicate Art of Death The Delicate Art of Death
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2023

This is billed as "A Stacy Martinez Thriller". Xavier Greene has a very small part in it.
Ex-FBI agent Stacy Martinez rolls into Jackson, Kansas, to visit her family with a duffel bag full of stolen money and a dangerous past full of secrets. But this small town has a dark secret of its own. Young women are mysteriously dying. Stacy suspects foul play, but can she trust her judgment when no one else does?
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3 The Firefly Collective The Firefly Collective
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2023

"Deep in the heart of the jungles of Columbia, highly trained assassin Xavier Greene is called back from his search for criminal mastermind James Devos. A series of bombings have left chaos and terror in their wake, and their next target is London. In a desperate race against time, Xavier finds himself pursuing Francisco Ortega, the leader of the Firefly Collective. But, his efforts are complicated when he finds himself at odds with local law enforcement, who disapprove of the trail of bodies left in his wake."


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2022

1 The Musician's Daughter The Musician's Daughter
Written by Ryan McGinnis
Copyright: 2022

"Xavier Greene is sent on assignment to Bucharest, Romania; a city filled with ghost from his past and painful memories.  His mission? Retrieve a highly sophisticated, encrypted radio, known as a Music Box. But an unexpected development results in an innocent being caught in the crossfire. In a frozen forest, surrounded by trained killers, can Xavier’s deadly skills save the day before a bullet or the elements end their life?"


I was intrigued by Xavier Greene; a very calm man even after dispatching some bad guys in an efficient but bloody manner who maintains his composure when nabbed by the police and then gets a tad perplexed when someone finds some macabre albeit ironic humor in his situation. Me, that's the sort of thing I seem to live for; the humor, I mean, not the mayhem and then the getting arrested.

After two full adventures and then part of a third (the one with Stacy Martinez in it) I have still not gotten a firm handle on Greene but I know enough to know I want to know more.


My Grade: B+


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