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Full Name: Eddie Drood
Series Name: Secret Histories
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Agent

Creator: Simon R. Green
Time Span: 2007 - 2018


Eddie Drood is an agent with the Droods.

"Call me Drood, Eddie Drood. Some know me as Shaman Bond and most simply don't want to know me at all. For centuries, my family has been keeping the things that lurk on the darker side of existence as far away as possible from humans like you, without you even knowing we're there."

The dozen adventures that we are lucky to have dealing with Drood as he goes about his job all show a very fascinating individual. As he indicated in the statement above, he is a member of the Drood family which has been tasked - by themselves, perhaps - with keeping the world a safe-ish place to live. Just because almost all humans go about their daily lives blissfully unaware of the sorts of strange and often frightening creatures that dwell among us does not mean they aren't there. And sometimes they squabble and that can lead to trouble and sometimes they don't want to stay hidden and that usually leads to trouble and sometimes they want to take over the world and rule over everyone and that always leads to trouble. And that is where members of the Drood clan, like Eddie, come in. They do whatever is needed to make the trouble go away.

However, being a very good agent of the Droods like Eddie is does not necessarily mean he is always appreciated. Eddie is described as a free-thinker and he has a glib tongue and he has a problem with authority and he likes to do things his way no matter how he is told to do them otherwise. That has kept him on the outs with the powers-that-be in the Droods. What got him there in the first place is kind of not really explained but what is certain is that despite his being a darn good agent, he is considered by all to be a rogue.

Drood is rather proud of his looks, at least as far as helping him do his job. He tells us straight off that he has "the kind of face that always reminds you of someone else: average, pleasant, nothing to jog your memory afterwards. An agent's face". With it and the training he has had and the experience using that training, he has the ability to "look like nobody in particular".

He has a few nifty gadgets with which to perform his duties; the most important one being a torc, a golden cirlet around his throat. It is invisible to anyone who's not a member of the Drood family but when he activates it with softly spoken Words, "the living metal in the torc spread out to cover my whole body, embracing me in a moment from head to toe. It's a warm, refreshing feeling, like pulling on an old familiar coat. As the golden mask covered my head and face, I could see even more clearly, including all the things that are normally hidden from even gifted humans like me. I felt stronger, sharper, more alive, like waking from a pleasant doze into full alertness. I felt like I could take on the whole damned world and make it cry like a baby."

Drood may be for the most part a loner but he does have a special relationship with Molly Metcalf, a "witch of the wild forests". Well, they will get close soon after we meet her and once they stop being arch-enemies. Even after the two become close, that rivalry will keep popping up to the annoyance of each other and the enjoyment of us.


Number of Books:12
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2018

1 The Man With the Golden Torc The Man With the Golden Torc
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2007

When the head of the Drood family sends Eddie Drood on a mission that is in fact a setup, Drood learns he has been declared a rogue and has no choice but to  team up with Molly Metcalf, a very short-tempered witch, to find out who the traitor is that started the trouble.
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2 Daemons Are Forever Daemons Are Forever
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2009

The Drood family had invited some very unpleasant daemons from another dimension in our own to get their help fighting the Nazis in WWII. Years later, they still have not gone home. It is Eddie Drood's job to convince them.
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3 The Spy Who Haunted Me The Spy Who Haunted Me
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2009

The legendary Alexander King was the best of the best when it came to agents. Now on his deathbed, he says he will reveal all his secrets to a successor. That person will be determined through a contest. Eddie Drood is determined to be that winner since one of the secrets is who is the traitor in the Drood family.
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4 From Hell With Love From Hell With Love
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2010

The death of the Matriarch of the Drood family brings with it the mystery of who did it. There are some in the clan who think it was either Eddie Drood or his girl friend, the witch Molly.
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5 For Heaven's Eyes Only For Heaven's Eyes Only
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2011

Things in the Drood clan are still in disarray and now there is a Satanic Conspiracy. A group is out to throw all of humanity into the control of the Lord of the Underworld unless Eddie Drood can bring the plot down.
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6 Live and Let Drood Live and Let Drood
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2012

Eddie Drood had an inconvenience in his life - he was dead. Luckily his girlfriend, Molly, used her witchcraft to get better. Not so lucky was his family as Drood Hall is destroyed and all his relatived vanished. Eddie has to find out what happened.
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7 Casino Infernale Casino Infernale
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2013

Both Eddie Drood and Molly Metcalf have gone to work for the Department of the Uncanny. Their first big mission is to attend the annual event Casino Infernale, put on by the Shadow Bank, the group that finance most supernatural crime around the world. The danger of the Casino is that the winner takes all and the losers sacrifice their souls.
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8 Property of a Lady Faire Property of a Lady Faire
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2014

The fate of the Drood family is in the hands of Lady Faire, a very sexy and very dangerous being. She has a relic that can save them but she is not using it. Eddie Drood decides he must steal it. Considering her powers, though, good luck!
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9 From a Drood to a Kill From a Drood to a Kill
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2016

Eddie Drood has learned that to better fight Evil like they did, his parents had sold their souls for more power. Now the bill is due and they can either surrender for eternity or take part in the Big Game. Eddie knows he has to pull off a miracle.
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10 Dr. Doa Dr. Doa
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2016

Dr. DOA is the nickname for a man who solves people's problems by eliminating those causing the problem. He has somehoe poisoned Eddie Drood and all of Drood's magics have failed to stop it. That will not keep Drood from taking the man down.
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11 Moonbreaker Moonbreaker
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2017

Knowing he cannot find a cure for the poison that Dr. DOA slipped him, Eddie Drood is determined to keep on keeping on even as he searches for his poisoner. This means going up against Grendel Res, the Unforgiven God, to learn the truth behind Moonbreaker.
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12 Night Fall Night Fall
Written by Simon R. Green
Copyright: 2018

For a millenia a pact has kept the Droods from entering the Nightside but now Eddie Drood sees the threat that Nightside poses to all of humanity and with Molly Metcalf they break the agreement and head inside.
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Over the past couple of decades, I have read quite a bit by author Simon R. Green and I can honestly say I do not recall anything negative in all those adventures. That continues with these really fun tales mixing spy-fi with sci-fi with fantasy and all given Mr. Green's personal touch of humor.

Eddie Drood is a fellow that bad things happens a whole  but since Drood is not a guy to just take it, we get to watch him in action and, boy!, what a lot of thrilling action.

It's important to remember that this is a major combination of genres so you can never predict what will happen next but that is a major plus, IMHO.


My Grade: A-


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