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Full Name: Guy Niava
Nationality: Israeli
Organization: Mossad
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dana Arama
Time Span: 2012 - 2020


Guy Niava is an agent with Mossad.

We are told in a blurb for one of the adventures that "he is the man who makes bad guys disappear" which is pretty much exactly what his unofficial job description might be. Well, in the case of the three adventures that exist as of this writing, it would be more accurate to state that description will be, is, and was. Those three tales we follow Niava in are from three very different times in his life.

Our introduction to Niava comes when he is being hired by the very rich and quite beautiful woman Gabriella 'Gabi' Korman. He is recently out of the Israeli Special Forces and looking for work, largely to help pay for his upcoming wedding. Gabi, who will become a close friend and confidante, is looking for someone to teach her how to both survive and to take a fight to her enemy; said opponent having already killed her husband and teenaged son. Her battle will slowly become his. Interestingly, we are only given his first name in that adventure as the story is recounted from Gabi's viewpoint.

The second adventure takes place a few years later when Niava is very much a part of Mossad having joined after the death of this wife in a terrorist attack. His service is to help avenge the murder of her and others as well as help prevent such deaths in the future. While Niava had never openly asked or had it stated to him, he has always believed that it was through his friend Gabi that he became connected with that Israeli intelligence organization.

The third comes as Niava has spent enough years fighting very bad people and having to do some very unpleasant things to keep them from hurting others. He has tired of it and has decided to take a very long rest, if not a permanent one, on the farm of his brother and that man's family. Life, and yet another group of bad people, will not let his retirement last.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2020

1 Planned Coincidence Planned Coincidence
Written by Dana Arama
Copyright: 2012

Gabriela had what many would consider the perfect life - beauty, wealth, respect, and a loving family. Then she gives in to an urge to stray and have an affair with a mysterious man. When her husband and son are killed shortly thereafter, she at first thought it was just a coincidence but now she knows her lover was responsible.
Wanting revenge, she hires young and handsome Guy Niava, a former Spec Ops agent, to train her to get vengeance and soon Niava is swept into the woman's plans.
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2 A Blue Eyed Asset A Blue Eyed Asset
aka Blue Eyed Asset
Written by Dana Arama
Copyright: 2017

The beautiful Iranian secret agent Nahid is given an impossible mission: she must plan a bomb at Israel's nuclear power plant or her daughter back in Iran will be tortured and killed. If she sets the bomb, her son will certainly be killed in the explosion.
Guy Niava is the Mossad agent tasked with finding and stopping her. In a strange twist, Nahid realizes that Niava is in fact the best man to help her resolve her impossible dilemma.
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3 Massive Attack Massive Attack
Written by Dana Arama
Copyright: 2020

For the past ten years, Guy Niava has worked non-stop for Mossad making bad people disappear. Now he is thinking of quitting and is on holiday visiting his brother's family. His nephew, Jonathan, is a teenager and a computer hacker who breaks into the wrong system. When Jonathan disappears, Niava must use all his skills to rescue him. He will be joined by two impressive women, Laura who works for the US government and Zoro whose past is largely a mystery. Both will be needed to stop a massive attack on American soil but both have their own agenda as well.
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I really, really, really enjoyed these three adventures. Obviously, given that I used 3 really's. The writing is so smooth and easy and the action is usually fast and decisive and the characters - oh, so interesting and well presented, especially Niava.

Toss in Gabriella and you have a real winner here.

I do not know if there will be any more besides these 3 in the series since the author let a few years go by between each so maybe, maybe not. If I had a vote, which of course I do not, I would vote yes - as many times as they let me.


My Grade: A-


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