Writing as: Dana Arama

According to the bio on Amazon: "Dana Arama .. is a thrillers best seller author. Her .. books describe the complicated situation in the Middle East. Close to reality, they portray incidents and events that might really happen. Based on thorough research into top secret organizations, Arama is considered confidante to many Special Agents and Special Ops. officers. In that area Arama is highly experienced using her sociology and communication studies. Arama gives voice to female heroines who present the reader with realistic and relatable dilemmas, understandable even to people outside the espionage world.

Dana lives in the Middle East, where one event follows another. It is easy for her to move forward with a plot, as though it was a movie. This feature gives the story a realistic thrill and a unique edge – just like the news in the Middle East."

Series Books
Guy Niava Planned Coincidence (2012)
  A Blue Eyed Asset (2017)
  Massive Attack (2020)