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Full Name: Charlotte Martin
Nationality: American
Organization: Guardian
Occupation Other - Computer Programmer

Creator: Traci Hunter Abramson
Time Span: 2015 - 2022


Guardian is a top-secret American intelligence agency.

It is so hush-hush that it would be surprising to find anyone who knew of its existence; not impossible, of course, but incredibly unlikely as one of its primary functions/mandates is to make sure that no know of it. It draws (or did - it will change) its financing from a CIA line item on the budget but its key personnel come to the extremely small organization by way of the NSA. That might make it sound like a good number of people would be in on this program but that would be an incorrect conclusion.

The concept behind Guardian (which oddly is often referred to in lower case, as in guardian) is that a massive database is maintained in a super-secret facility - a very tranquil and unassuming farm in Pennsylvania - maintained by three people: Dwight Martin, his highly intelligent and capable young adult daughter Charlotte Martin, and an assistant named Kyle. It was the elder Martin who came up with the concept of the system and started the programming of the input and output but it was Charlotte who did the majority of the coding and who knew the system completely.

The purpose behind Guardian is that the various intelligence agencies had operative on assignments all over the world and sometimes things so wrong. Guardian was monitoring all the data gathered by all these organizations specifically for any references to any of these activities, all in search for indications of problems. Ofttimes one agency might have a person in the field who did not know of upcoming danger while a different agency might know of trouble brewing but with no idea that a fellow operative was in the thick of things.

Guardian's programming scoured the various databases and put together the clues and when absolutely necessary, dispatched one of its seven highly skilled and trained operatives to come to any rescue - all hopefully without the parent department or the agent knowing it happened.

In the first recorded adventure, we witness a breach in the security which allowed someone to attack the farm and kill the two men. Charlotte would be able to protect the system but with her identity revealed, she would drop that persona completely and become known only as Hannah - her last name would be whatever she felt appropriate for the occasion.

The first two adventures deal largely with Charlotte/Hannah's situation but the remaining one deal with some of those seven Guardian operatives - all with Hannah very much involved in the background.


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2022

1 Failsafe Failsafe
Written by Traci Hunter Abramson
Copyright: 2015

The high-tech computer system that the Martins, father and daughter, maintained safeguarded American intelligence operations around the world. When it is attacked, Dwight Martin is killed but not before he initiated the failsafe lockdown. Now Charlotte Martin is in endanger as she is the only one who can access the system.
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2 Safe House Safe House
Written by Traci Hunter Abramson
Copyright: 2017

"The guardians, the shadowy heroes of the top-secret program designed to protect members of the most elite government organizations, are being hunted down one by one. There is a single explanation: a traitor must be embedded somewhere in their midst. But if they themselves are the target, who will protect them?"
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3 Sanctuary Sanctuary
Written by Traci Hunter Abramson
Copyright: 2019

"Ace Samson is dead, or so the world believes. As a member of a secret organization known as the guardians, he was forced to fake his death years ago, leaving everything behind when he became an agent. So when he is selected to offer a potential new recruit a job with the organization, Ace braces himself: for the first time in more than a decade, he must face the woman he loved—and left."
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4 On the Run On the Run
Written by Traci Hunter Abramson
Copyright: 2020

"As a new guardian, Nolan has just received his first solo assignment to help a young woman [top investigative journalist Elle Jameson] who just survived an assassination attempt. Within minutes of making contact with the beautiful journalist, however, their location is discovered. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse spanning the globe as the two work to stay ahead of a determined assassin. Nolan fights to buy Elle time to complete her investigation, and what she discovers is a plot that threatens the very fabric of America."
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5 In Harm's Way In Harm's Way
Written by Traci Hunter Abramson
Copyright: 2020

"For years, Troy has lived in the shadows as a Guardian. As part of this secret government taskforce, he has agreed to oversee the team's base of operations on a remote private island in Maine, replacing fellow agent Ace and his wife, Kristi, for a year. When Troy steps in to hold down the fort, however, he does not anticipate company. So when Kristi's sister, Jocelyn, appears on the island, looking for a getaway, Troy is unnerved by her presence—hiding his top-secret work from the beautiful visitor is a recipe for disaster."
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6 Not Dead Yet Not Dead Yet
Written by Traci Hunter Abramson
Copyright: 2022

"Cassidy Edgemont has been dead for four years. At least, that is what the world has been led to believe. After becoming unwittingly entangled in a group called the Coalition, known for using fake news to generate political unrest in the United States, Cas was offered a devastating choice: stage her own death and join her rescuers, the guardians, or risk the wrath of the organization she betrayed. She chose death."
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There are a good number of romance 'series' in print dealing with solo operatives in action for one recorded adventure and then disappearing - the concept of boy operative meets girl or girl operative meets boy, they have problems aplenty, fall in love, break up, get back together, solve the overlying problem, and live happily ever after. Unless there is a central character throughout the series, I do not consider them for membership in the compendium.

This series, though for the most part fitting the above paragraph's description, does have Hannah and since she was a vital part of the first two adventures, that was good enough for me.

The author, Traci Hunter Abramson, is a very accomplished romance author and reading her tales it is easy to see why - she is good, the stories are action packed, and the characters interesting. I am pleased she is part of the compendium.


My Grade: B+


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