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Full Name: Mike Cummins
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: Louis Thomas Masterson
Time Span: 2021 - 2023


Mike Cummins is a part-time agent of the CIA.

By that I mean that while he has a day job that he enjoys and which is his primary focus, he occasionally gets a call from the people at Langley to assist in an unusual matter. Considering that the three recorded adventures we have of him as of this writing take place in 1975, 1978, and 1982, it is apparent that this is very infrequent and it is safe to say that Cummins is never expecting the call at any time.

When we meet him initially, he is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, completing OCS in 1970. He is currently stationed aboard the USS Hull, a destroyer serving in South Vietnam in the last few months of American involvement in that conflict. Prior to that he had twice been the officer-in-charge of Swift boats operating out of Da Nang.

It is interesting to note that Cummins, still a single man and very much suited for the type of life a naval career would offer, was also finding dealing with a good number of those above him in the chain of command were really not that good at their jobs. It was starting to grate that he had to follow orders from too many people where were clearly not up to the jobs their were given. He still loved the Navy but did not know if it was for him long term.

Which might be why when the CIA came asking for help with a dangerous and exciting mission needing a Swift boat commander, he was not at all adverse to agreeing.

Nor will his willingness to be associated with the Agency, albeit usually in a remote basis, wane. The CIA, through one of its senior agents, Neil Barnett, will keep in tough with Cummins and when Cummins finally decides to leave the Service and start up successful business managing assets while living in South Carolina. Langley will even go so far as to create a cover identity for him as a South African investment banker.

The relationship between Cummins and the CIA is a good one which will be needed because when the Agency calls for his help, it is never with something simple.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2023

1 Operation Cua Thu Operation Cua Thu
Written by Louis Thomas Masterson
Copyright: 2021

Subtitled: The Last Mission in Vietnam.
It is April, 1975. The Vietnam War is over. However, there was one mission, the final mission, still to accomplish. The CIA has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to acquire a treasure trove of Intelligence from the Head of South Vietnamese Intelligence, Brigadier General Nguyen Dinh Ba. They just need to get him out-of-country. They choose to use a top-secret CIA gun boat, disguised under a North Vietnamese flag, and crews by people led by ex-Swift boat OinC Mike Cummins.

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2 Hostage Intervention Hostage Intervention
Written by Louis Thomas Masterson
Copyright: 2022

Subtitled: The Dirty Bomb Plot.
It is 1978. For the US there are two immediate problem spots: Iran and North Korea. The North Koreans have built dirty bombs and disguised them as furniture which has been shipped to a few US embassies, one of which is in Tehran.
Mike Cummins is tasked by the CIA to make sure that bomb does not go off, all while making sure the North Koreans do not learn the US knows about the plot.

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3 Falkland Islands War Interruption Falkland Islands War Interruption
Written by Louis Thomas Masterson
Copyright: 2022

Subtitled: The Denial of the Fourth Reich.
The year is 1982. The CIA has recently learned of a 40-year-old plot to secret millions in gold to Argentina by Adolf Hitler to finance a Fourth Reich. The schemers, called the Bariloche Group, are using some of the funds to incorporate drug trafficking from Cambodia and Turkey to increase their wealth. The CIA asks Mike Cummins to find a way to stop this connection.
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4 A Western Hemisphere Dilemma A Western Hemisphere Dilemma
Written by Louis Thomas Masterson
Copyright: 2023

Subtitled: A Nuclear Attack Avoided.
The year is 1983. "A mysterious excavation site on the Southern coast of Cuba, confusing information found in the personal effects of a Cuban soldado killed during the hostilities in Grenada, and intelligence on Russian subs that defies logic.
The CIA is convinced there is something major happening, but what? They ask ex-Swift boat commander Mike Cummins to bring his unique set of talents to this situation while acknowledging they can’t fully explain what’s going on nor can they project the degree of danger in play.
Twenty-plus years after the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs, the Russians continue to be embarrassed by their backing down. Now, everything is perfect: Fidel Castro is supportive and not going anywhere; Russia could easily financially afford to do it; and the military, tactical, and political repercussions overwhelmingly favored the Russians. They are ready to enact their revenge."
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I am not sure how I would feel getting the occasional call from Langley asking if I wouldn't mind heading to some unknown place and putting my life on the line against usually untenable odds. For a character in a series I am reading, that is awesome; in real life, I would try to get a new number but then again, this is the Agency we are talking about. I'm glad it is Cummins that they are calling.

Lots and lots of action in this series all taking place forty-plus years ago (has it been that long? Yikes!).

There is a ton of research that I believe went into these books and it definitely shows as the realism is there - all without seeming like a history lesson. And the writing is pretty darn good. This is a winner.


My Grade: A-


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