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Full Name: Logan Connor
Nationality: American
Organization: Unnamed Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Michael Maxwell
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Logan Connor is an agent with an unnamed American intelligence agency.

As we are told in a blurb for the first recorded adventure, "We know about the existence of the CIA, NSA, MI5, and other government organizations, but what about the ones we don't know about? Logan Connor was just an all-American clean-cut kid when the government came calling. Bored with college, seeking direction, and open to suggestions Travis Crow makes Logan an offer he can't refuse. And then some... From North Korea to Central Africa, Logan is sent on assignments that no one will admit to or even verify their origins. His movements and activities are part of a deeply hidden, totally secret organization that Logan isn't even privy to. Who is pulling the strings?"

From that very informative paragraph we learn that Connon is an operative and apparently a very busy one, that his missions take him all over the world likely with no pattern except to head to where his mysterious employer feels he is needed, and that even Connor is as in the dark about who he works for as we are, at least to begin with.

We first meet Connor literally the day he was conceived; we are given an extensive (and quite enjoyable to read) history less into his birth, his adoption as a newborn, and his life growing up in a loving family. It is during the discussion of his time two years into college, struggling to find a major to take interest in, that he encounters the very experienced and very impressive Titus Crow, a soldier with a troubled past who had come to college at an older age.

It will be Crow who will point Connor towards the line of work he will later excel at. And it will be Crow who will some time later change Connor's life yet again. But it will be Connor who makes his own decisions and takes his own actions and those decisions and actions will be quite interesting.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2021

1 Clean Cut Kid Clean Cut Kid
Written by Michael Maxwell
Copyright: 2020

"From North Korea to Central Africa, Logan is sent on assignments that no one will admit to or even verify their origins. His movements and activities are part of a deeply hidden, totally secret organization that Logan isn’t even privy to. Who is pulling the strings?
Friends are few, trusted associates are fewer. If no one knows who you are or what you do, then you are expendable."
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2 East Of The Jordan East Of The Jordan
Written by Michael Maxwell
Copyright: 2021

Betrayed by his mentor, wounded and disheartened, Logan Connor questions whether he’s cut out for a world of kill or be killed. Can Logan truly leave his life as a spy behind him? 
But, halfway around the world, a threat is growing, one like nothing the world has seen before; a mysterious hybrid of ancient mystic teaching, fundamentalist fervor, devotion to their charismatic leader, and financial ties to former mentor Titus Crow's old criminal network. Every day the movement is growing larger, stronger, and more frenzied. And the focus of their rage? Logan Connor. "
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3 Tales of Yankee Power Tales of Yankee Power
Written by Michael Maxwell
Copyright: 2021

When the daughter of a powerful Senator is murdered, who does he turn to for justice?
Logan Connor wants to leave the underworld life of a covert government agent behind him. When their paths cross Logan accepts one last assignment.
The world of drug cartels, and treacherous traitors to the agency and government they are sworn to protect, is nothing new to Logan. But, the world of vicious street gangs, and their merciless means of controlling the streets; the drug supply, the border, and even their government, is something new to Logan Connor."
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I was a big fan of the author's other series that fell into this genre enough to warrant membership; Levi Yoder is a fascinating character.

The same can be said for Connor Sloane though in a totally different way which makes him not a copy of Yoder but his own man and deserving of reading. There is a lot of tension, especially when he figures out what is likely to happen and no one bothers to listen to him. That sort of thing can really irk a person but when there are hundreds of thousands of lives on the line, well, you can see why he gets a bit testy.


My Grade: B+


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