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Full Name: Levi Yoder
Nationality: Russian
Organization: The Outfit
Occupation Troubleshooter

Creator: M. A. Rothman
Time Span: 2018 - 2022


Levi Yoder is a troubleshooter.

Some of his troubleshooting is done for a private intelligence organization called simply the Outfit. More on it later.

He thinks of himself as a fixer. If you have a problem, he might find a way to fix it. He tries really hard to keep on the legal side of the law but a tiptoe or two across the line for a good cause is not out of the question. And when violence becomes necessary, he will have no trouble handling himself and if he did it right, the other guy would look the aggressor.

Yoder was born and raised in an Amish community in Pennsylvania but chose to leave right after high school and head to New York. There he met and became friends with Vinnie Bianchi, son of the head of one of the Families in the big city. Before long the two were like brothers and it was for the Bianchi Family that Yoder began his fixing. Since Yoder was not Sicilian, he never really became a made man but he was darn close.

Then Yoder enters a strange period of his life. He meets and falls hard for a woman named Mary. They wed and look forward to a long life together but after just a couple of years, that is shattered when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. A couple months later, Mary dies in a car accident and Yoder learns his cancer is in rapid retreat - reason unknown. His head goes into a whirl and he decides he needs to go on walk-about.

As we are told in the opening couple of chapters of the first recorded adventure, he wanders for nearly a decade, eventually landing in the Far East where he turns his enjoyment in the martial arts into a near devotion and in time he finally gets his head on straighter and he decides going home is in order.

Most of the adventures we then follow him on deal with his new "life" which is a bit complicated. His best friend, Vinnie, is now the Don of that crime family and Yoder is welcomed back with open arms. Yoder also begins a personal crusade against human trafficking of children and opens a small school for some of those he rescues back with his mother. And he meets and helps the head of the Outfit.

The Outfit is "entirely off the books. We're outside the Intelligence Community but we have our fingers deep within it". The organization has its origins during the Revolutionary War and the need to 'watch the watchers' so to speak. To realign things when they go awry and to help out when help is really needed and to do so totally undetected. Its leadership are very rich and influential people. Its resources are very impressive. And they could use a man like Yoder.

So we have Yoder involved in working with the Mob and the Outfit. And we have his anti child trafficking crusade. And we have him falling for a woman who once led a Triad.

And there is the whole, very unusual matter of his cancer remission and why he suddenly heals from injuries in an amazing time.

There is a whole lot to Levi Yoder.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2022

1 Perimeter Perimeter
Written by M. A. Rothman
Copyright: 2018

Levi Yoder is a fixer of people's problems working on behalf of the Mafia. He is preparing to die from cancer. Then one day he learns he is in complete remission, which is a good thing, but also that he and his family are targets of an element inside the Russian Mob. This news comes from the CIA and he elects to help them and thus help himself and his loved ones.
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2 The Inside Man The Inside Man
Written by M. A. Rothman
Copyright: 2020

"Levi's search for the kidnapped grandchild of a Japanese mob boss plunges him into a world filled with chaos. When he's falsely accused of a heinous series of crimes, the FBI makes Levi an offer he can't refuse: use his mob connections to help investigate the murders of several undercover agents or find himself in jail awaiting trial, without a way to clear his name. With the threat of incarceration hanging over his head and the life of a five-year-old at stake, Levi finds himself tracking a serial killer who he fears might lead him to suspects that are very close to home. Jail or the life of an innocent little girl, Levi's left with no choice."
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3 Never Again Never Again
Written by M. A. Rothman
Copyright: 2020

When Rivka Cohen walks into his life asserting that the police are calling her husband's death a suicide even though she has evidence that he's been murdered, things take an unexpected turn for this mafioso. Levi is thrust into a world filled with old grudges, bigotry, international politics, and treason. With evidence of a long-festering plot that has its roots in Nazi Germany, Levi knows this is something he can't ignore. However, Levi soon learns that it's the criminal justice system itself trying to bury the case as well as anyone who pursues it. This may be too much for even him to handle.
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4 The Swamp The Swamp
Written by M. A. Rothman
Copyright: 2022

"As a fixer for one of the New York Mafia families, Levi would rather keep a low profile. That changes when the Outfit, a mysterious organization, reaches out to him for assistance. Threats to a set of world leaders have been traced back to members of organized crime and their connection with government insiders from DC and Moscow. When dealing with criminals, Levi knows what to do. However, when he finds himself immersed in a world filled with smiling officials, political apparatchiks, and deceit beyond compare, he learns why some people think of government as The Swamp."
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The publisher of this series bills them as "an Organized Crime Thriller" and since Yoder spends a lot of his time working with the Bianchi crime family or going up against the Triad, not to mention other nationalities and their versions of illegal associations, that definitely fits. And if that was the sum of the activity, naturally Levi Yoder would not belong in this compendium.

But we then get the Outfit and that earns him membership rights.

On the one hand, I would say that there is too much going on in this series to make sense some times AND YET!!!

I was so darned hooked that I devoured each of the four books and then looked for more. Didn't find any more - yet! Hopefully the author, who writes in several genres with a few ongoing series, will keep Yoder active. I for one will definitely keep reading him.


My Grade: B+


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