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Full Name: Katya Peter
Series Name: Katya
Nationality: Romanian
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Exotic Dancer

Creator: K. T. Pek
Time Span: 2021 - 2024


Katya Peter is an exotic dancer.

Or if you prefer something a little less polite, she is a stripper. She is working in a strip club in San Francisco run by the Romanian Mob and managed by a particularly onerous individual when we first meet her. She is not thrilled with her line of work and she really is not happy with her boss, especially since he has been bleeding her financially, but as she will point out, life is seldom what we want.

She is definitely not a spy, at least not in that initial meeting. Spies usually work in the shadows out of prying eyes and considering she is "strutting on a stage", "naked except for my four-inch black heels", being a spy is out of the question. Unless she was undercover, of course. Which sort of is the situation with Jacob Wolfe, the NIA agent she will meet immediately and get to know better by way of a lap dance.

Since it is Wolfe who is the operative with the National Intelligence Agency, it might have been more accurate to have this page devoted to him. This is especially true since the first adventure has much of the events told from his viewpoint. Life will prove decisive in this matter and it will be Katya who remains the focal point of this series.

Katya is a beautiful woman in her mid-20s who came to the States as a refugee with her father, Albert Petrov, from Romanians after a horrific confrontation with government authorities there which left her mother and her sister dead on a warehouse floor and Katya and her father on the run. Things do not go much better as life continues, leading to Katya being up on that runway showing her assets to one and all. They do take a turn, though, when she meets Wolfe and gets involved in his line of work.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2024

1 Seducing The Spy Seducing The Spy
aka The Stripper and the Spy
Written by K. T. Pek
Copyright: 2021

Katya Peter was a stripper in a San Francisco club being extorted by her mafioso boss. When Jacob Wolfe, looking into dirty bombs being manufactured by a major power company, follows a lead into that club, he finds his mission being interrupted by Katya. When she disappears, he risks his mission and his career to find her.
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2 Deceiving The Spy Deceiving The Spy
Written by K. T. Pek
Copyright: 2022

When Katya's father returns to Romania to go up against an old enemy, she follows to protect him. Meanwhile, her lover, Jacob Wolfe, is locked in a fierce struggle with the Yakuza in Japan as he tries to stop a nuclear disaster. Learning of Katya's imminent danger presents a horrible dilemma for the operative.
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3 Loving The Spy Loving The Spy
Written by K. T. Pek
Copyright: 2022

Katya's heart and world were shattered by a horrible loss. She vowed never to let anyone close again. Then Ethan walked in and she thought of a one-night stand. She did not expect her passion or his. She also did not expect that his lies would cause so much trouble that soon both of them have to go on to run to stay alive.
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4 Return Of The Spy Return Of The Spy
Written by K. T. Pek
Copyright: 2024

"All Katya wanted was to stay in Ethan's arms forever. Until Jacob returned from the dead with more secrets that increased the threat to their lives. Time is running out, and if they can't expose the Fukushima Documents and the shadow government conspiracy behind it, millions of lives are at stake. But so is Katya's heart! For their mission to succeed, she must make the ultimate sacrifice. She must choose between Jacob, a husband she once tenderly loved...
and Ethan, the love of her life who sets her body and soul on fire."
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Should I be embarrassed to say that when I learned that the main character for the series that I just started was a stripper and nude dancer, I sat up in my seat and murmured, "Oh, really!" And then read more, perhaps a bit more avidly? Nah, I'm too old to hide my weirdness. If someone handed me a Dirty Old Man button, I'm sure I'd wear it proudly.

So that is why I enjoyed the heck out of this series. I got to like Katya quite a bit and I freely admit that should the author be so kind as to give us another adventure or two about her, I would put my money down for them without hesitation.


My Grade: B


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