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Full Name: Richard James
Series Name: Ferryman Trilogy
Nationality: British
Organization: The Circus
Occupation Agent

Creator: Pat Monteath
Time Span: 2003 - 2005


Richard James is an agent with the Circus.

That somewhat whimsical but now time-honored term is the one used for British Intelligence. James will become a well-trained operative with that organization specializing in The Troubles and the British prolonged battles with the various iterations of the IRA.

James grew up on his family's fruit farm in Kent and yearned for excitement and a break from what he found to be very boring work. He joined the military as soon as he was able and became part of the Parachute Regiment, along with his good friend Paul Jones. After a regular stint there, which he enjoyed but which did not live up to level of thrills he had hoped, he got out and looked for anything other than to return to the farm. Nothing quite worked out and reluctantly he was again in Kent.

Some success with a new way of grafting fruit trees earned him and Jones a bit of publicity and with it came an attractive offer to cross the Irish Sea and teach his method to Irish growers. James's wife, Anne, was as excited as he with the amount of money being offered for what was likely to be several weeks of work so James and Jones headed West.

Despite his continued desire for a bit more excitement than growing fruit provided, it is almost certain James would not have sought out a new line of work in the Intelligence business. What started the unlikely process was a visit to the local pub, a run win with local hooligans, and witnessing what would turn out to be an IRA assassination. It would be a slope in which the slide down would bring James to the attention of the Circus.

James will bring himself to offer to assist the Circus in its operation in Ireland, gaining the codename of Ferryman, and in the process, begin what will turn out to be a fairly long relationship with that organization.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2003
Last Appearance:2005

1 Who Pays The Ferryman? Who Pays The Ferryman?
Written by Pat Monteath
Copyright: 2003

Book 1 of the Ferryman Trilogy.
Richard James receives "a financial offer by the mysterious Breandán O’Shea that [he] cannot refuse. Who really is Breandán O’Shea, the wealthy landowner and farmer? What is the motive behind such a financial offer? As the story unfolds the reader is drawn into a labyrinth of lies and deceit, into the shadowy twilight world of espionage where cross and double cross is the stock in trade."

2 Operation Orpheus Operation Orpheus
Written by Pat Monteath
Copyright: 2004

Book 2 of the Ferryman Trilogy.
Once he completes his formal training with the Circus, Richard James is "ordered to return to Ireland and await further instructions, whereupon he quickly becomes enmeshed in the dangerous, shady world of gun runners, terrorists and British Intelligence. As events unfold he begins to realize the true purpose of his mission and it's not only the IRA who is the enemy!" 

3 Codename Beggarman Codename Beggarman
Written by Pat Monteath
Copyright: 2005

Book 3 of the Ferryman Trilogy.
Richard James wants very much to clear his name with the Circus but having been forcefully 'early retired', he does not hold much hope. After a time, the head of the Circus becomes certain there is a mole and he needs someone outside the loop to ferret out the traitor. He calls upon James. "At last Richard has the chance to clear his name and regain control of his life and with the aid of his friends he returns to Ireland where, as 'Beggarman', he pieces together the complex jigsaw. Slowly a picture emerges that will have resounding repercussions in high places".


For reasons I will never ever understand, I got the first two of these books years ago and put them on my to-be-read stack and let them linger for far too long. And this despite being intrigued with the title of the first of the trilogy. Sometimes my foolishness amazes me.

These are very well written but, IMHO, very gritty tales. James is an interesting man who gets dumped into things he would rather not be involved with and then sort of left to sink or swim. And even when he swims well enough to get the job done, he still finds himself in hot water. Ain't fair, I tell you.


My Grade: B+


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