Writing as: Pat Monteath

According to the bio at the back of his first book: "Pat Monteath was born in London to parents who had their own business as professional photographers.  His formative years were spent in the north of England where he attended college to study electronics.  In the mid 1960s he moved back to London where he worked for the British government for a period of time before returning to Yorkshire.

Whilst in Yorkshire he entered into education and worked for a number of years at the local community college - working with young people with special educational needs. His first book - Who Pays the Ferryman? - was published in 2003 and he soon became one of the top selling authors for Borders (UK).

Prior to writing his first book Pat had spent many years as a poet writing poetry on numerous subjects and has been published in a number of anthologies and magazines in the USA, Canada and the UK."

Series Books
Richard James Who Pays The Ferryman? (2003)
  Operation Orpheus (2004)
  Codename Beggarman (2005)