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Full Name: Max Springer
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: D. Wayne Bird
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Max Springer is an agent with the CIA.

Retired agent would be more accurate and certainly what he thinks of himself as but most retired people walk away and that's it for; Springer will find himself back in the action despite his having put in his papers.

Our first meeting of him is a brief flashback to a particularly unpleasant time he had as an operative working under alias in Panama in 1988. The story then returns us to the modern time for Springer in 2016 as he looks out at the glassy Pacific vista visible from his new home, a condominium along the coast again in Panama.

We are told that Springer has for quite a few years been "an active field agent, running operations in Central and South America". "His last years working for the Agency had been in analysis and training of new agents."

When it came the time for Springer to retire, he immediately thought of Panama and the fond memories he had of the place, minus, of course, the days spent in the 'care' of that tortuous Noriega general. Panama was where his father had been born and Springer loved the place and since Springer was a native speaker, he was able to fit in very well.

It would be around a year after his separation that he would unexpectedly hear a voice from out of the past; that of the man who had tortured him nearly three decades before and a man who is still a target of the CIA. Doing what he felt was right and reporting the encounter to Langley would start a chain of events which would see Springer once again back in action.

Retired? It does not look like to to Springer.

Good Lines:
- When a new acquaintance speculates on his previous employment with a "NSA, CIA, or DIA?", Max Springer responds, "Yes, sometimes. Let's leave it at that".


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Butcher of Chamé Butcher of Chamé
Written by D. Wayne Bird
Copyright: 2019

"Like many retirees, Max Springer moves to Panama where he can afford to live at the beach and golf every day.
While checking out of a local wine shop, the former CIA Agent hears a voice from his past. A voice he'll never forget. The voice of a fugitive, a man wanted in several countries for crimes against humanity. The infamous Butcher of Chame hasn't been seen in decades. No one knew if he was dead or living under a new identity. Until now."
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2 Enemies Of My Fathers Enemies Of My Fathers
Written by D. Wayne Bird
Copyright: 2019

"While preparing his late parents' home for sale, Max discovers the truth behind their deaths. The RV accident which took their lives was not an accident; it was murder. In fact, it was a hit. Why would anyone order the death of Max's likable and law-abiding parents?
During the investigation into his parents' deaths, Max learns that his grandfather was also murdered. Max of course wants to know who killed his grandfather and why. But finding the truth wasn't easy. That journey took Max from his new home in Panama to Florida to San Diego and back, and nearly cost him his life."
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3 Facing My Demons Facing My Demons
Written by D. Wayne Bird
Copyright: 2019

"The CIA gets a new lead, a lead which indicates there is a well-financed global organization that has been funding terrorism around the world, including acts of terror committed on U.S. soil. The CIA teams with Mossad to destroy this newly identified enemy before it can rise to power. Again."
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4 Panamá Trade Company Panamá Trade Company
Written by D. Wayne Bird
Copyright: 2019

"Two large cargo ships full of illegal drugs are headed to the United States from South America. But to where specifically in the United States, which port? Several agencies work to identify and intercept the ships in order to keep the drugs off of America's streets. Who heads this new drug cartel? Will anyone be willing to testify against such a ruthless person?"
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5 Pulling The Strings Pulling The Strings
Written by D. Wayne Bird
Copyright: 2020

"CIA Agents in South and Central America are suddenly dying under mysterious circumstances or are disappearing without a trace. Who is behind the deaths? How does anyone even know that these men are with the CIA? Is there a traitor inside the Agency, or has the Agency's communications system been compromised? Or both? And why are CIA Agents being targeted? And why only those in Central and South America?"
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For a man who has retired, Max Springer sure acts like he is still on the job. Oh, he pretends but ....

Being now just over retirement age and for the most part actually retired, when I get the occasional call from my former employer for a wee bit of help, well, I can understand why Springer does what he does. Throw in the fact that he has this whole get-even-with-the-SOB-who-tortured-him thing going on, which luckily I do not have, and my understanding of Springer gets better.

Good writing, interesting character, strong plots. Worth the time checking him out.


My Grade: B+


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