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Full Name: Tyson Greer
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Clive Carter
Time Span: 2022 - 2023


Tyson Greer is an agent with the CIA.

More specifically he is a leader in a special task force the Agency has put together, Romeo-1-5, based out of Houston, Texas.

"Romeo-1-5 uses a collection of computer programs which utilize random security cameras, personal cell phones, right up to satellites fitted with unique scanning abilities. These isolate and identify the smallest traces of airborne contagion. In other words, if somebody was assembling a method for distributing a concentrated amount of Anthrax, or Ebola, or maybe even Covid, these systems would pinpoint the source and one of our agents would hightail it to the location, identify the threat and knock it out."

Greer had been an agent with the Secret Service for several years before his attendance was no longer required or desired at that department. He had worked for the Service as part of the prestigious White House security team but then must have angered someone somewhere as he was reassigned from that duty to being part of the personal protection detail of "one Robert Pritchard", younger brother of the then-sitting President. According to Greer's assessment, read into that the word "scumbag" - his tolerance level of dealing with the rich and famous was exceeded when a line was crossed as "children became involved". After a particularly nasty encounter stopping the man's assault of a 17-year-old girl, Greer was out of a job.

A week later, he had another as Charlie Bester from the CIA called to talk about his newly formed Romeo-1-5. Greer's response to the offer was typical Greer - "what did all that mean? I hadn't a clue but it sounded cool". That all was five years before the first recorded adventure and during that time Greer has been on quite a few harrowing missions. "The dreams, the nightmares which plague my mind are of the victims I sometimes find, the test subjects used by these so-called terrorists", Greer tells us. He adds, "Killing them, while second nature at the best of times, brings its own sense of reward".


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2022
Last Appearance:2023

1 Pillars of Death Pillars of Death
Written by Clive Carter
Copyright: 2022

"When an explosion above the tranquil city of Port Louis releases a devastating biological attack, the island quickly falls to an unknown pathogen, killing thousands in hours. After learning the mysterious Ghosts of War hold much more than a simple bomb, Tyson Greer and the Romeo-1-5 team frantically race against the clock to foil an attempt to usher in a new world order.
With five missing nuclear warheads, a heat-activated virus, and a mysterious arms dealer at the helm, do the Ghosts of War hold the upper hand, or will Tyson find his target before total Armageddon?"
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2 Deception Island Deception Island
Written by Clive Carter
Copyright: 2022

"Tyson Greer and several of his team find themselves partnered with agents from the CIA, Homeland Security, and the FBI, brought together to hunt the elusive Hans Fruman. But when one of their own is found murdered, everything changes, with the team of highly-trained agents dropped on a secluded island to continue their search.
A terrorist bombing in London is just the start of an epic race against time as Tyson fights a cunning enemy who continues to elude him at every turn. Just as his team tightens the noose, a new enemy confronts them, one with direct access to the very heart of their base. Could Fruman have landed one of his agents on the island, or has he managed to turn one of their own?"
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3 Seventh Embassy Seventh Embassy
Written by Clive Carter
Copyright: 2022

"Still trying to deal with the explosive fallout from the island, Washington recalls Tyson for an urgent meeting with the heads of major intelligence agencies. Seen as a compromised unit, his team is quickly dismantled and reassigned around the globe. Removed from the case and facing his own transfer, Tyson’s protests fall on deaf ears, giving him no choice but to take matters into his own hands.
With his former team scattered and his closest ally missing in action, it’s time for this agent to go rogue and hunt for the elusive Fruman himself. But when secrets begin to reveal a far darker power behind the attacks, this agent faces the biggest challenge of his career. Will he save those he considers family, or has fate already sealed their future?"
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4 Torn Vengeance Torn Vengeance
Written by Clive Carter
Copyright: 2022

"With Winston Tucker missing in action, Tyson is forced to abandon his search, recalled to Washington for an urgent meeting with the head of the CIA. A Chinese assassin is loose in the city, seeking out those who foiled a plan to kidnap a US senator, leaving a Chinese agent dead. Hellbent on revenge, the agent’s brother has Dana Cruz in his sights and won’t stop until he ends his prey.
Just as Tyson begins his hunt for the operative, a Russian agent reveals the true location of Winston Tucker, shipped back to Belarus to stand trial for murder. With a sentence of death hanging over his friend’s head, Tyson is torn between an impossible choice. Can he save Dana from a madman out for retribution in time to help his friend, or will Tucker face the executioner alone?"
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5 Nineteen Hours Nineteen Hours
Written by Clive Carter
Copyright: 2022

"Watching helplessly from the sidelines, Tyson Greer witnesses an operation to capture the elusive Francisco Garcia, as well as several top operatives of the mysterious 7th Embassy. But what begins with a successful extraction, quickly turns into a battle for survival as an ambush hits the team mid-air. With the plane losing contact and crashing into the jungle, there’s no way to tell who survived.
When the crash leaves his team missing in action, Tyson leads a desperate charge to save possible survivors. Learning of a 7th Embassy payment to a Mexican drug cartel for the return of Garcia and the deaths of the agents, Tyson is in for the race of his life. Will Garcia cheat death a second time, or can Tyson locate the team in time to avert disaster?"
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6 Operation Takedown Operation Takedown
Written by Clive Carter
Copyright: 2023

"When the capture and subsequent interrogation of Senator Marcus Hamilton yields some unlikely names connected to a planned assassination, Greer and his crew head to the heart of democracy. They begin eliminating 7th Embassy’s infiltration of Washington DC, with more than a dozen names on their list. The team initiates a systematic takedown of key members in the rogue organization, but with the name at the top of the list evading capture, the squad call on an unlikely ally for assistance.
In a city where spies live on every corner, it soon becomes apparent that Washington is not going to give up its secrets so easily. When the mysterious Lorenzo Mendoza uses every connection open to him, the team soon finds itself overrun by government operatives playing both sides of the war. With half his crew in custody, will Tyson find the embassy kingpin in time to avert disaster, or will a single killing be enough to turn the tide of the entire war?"
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There be a whole lot of mayhem inside the pages of any Clive Carter adventure - and it is all planned and supposed to be there. He put it all in there himself, on purpose, for the reading enjoyment of mayhem-loving fans like me (okay, fictionally - in real life, not so much).

Tyson Greer does not like terrorists and he lets them know that with a bang. Well, in that split second of awareness time they have before their existence comes to a sharp end. And then it is on to the next adventure, which luckily for us keeps coming.


My Grade: B+


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