Operation Takedown

Operation Takedown

Written by Clive Carter

"When the capture and subsequent interrogation of Senator Marcus Hamilton yields some unlikely names connected to a planned assassination, Greer and his crew head to the heart of democracy. They begin eliminating 7th Embassy’s infiltration of Washington DC, with more than a dozen names on their list. The team initiates a systematic takedown of key members in the rogue organization, but with the name at the top of the list evading capture, the squad call on an unlikely ally for assistance.
In a city where spies live on every corner, it soon becomes apparent that Washington is not going to give up its secrets so easily. When the mysterious Lorenzo Mendoza uses every connection open to him, the team soon finds itself overrun by government operatives playing both sides of the war. With half his crew in custody, will Tyson find the embassy kingpin in time to avert disaster, or will a single killing be enough to turn the tide of the entire war?"